deregister imessage number online

Deregister iMessage Number from iPhone and iPad

Apple provided proper functions to deregister iMessage from iPhone and iPad. Many smartphone customers are switching to a non-Apple device, and it will result in missing SMS/Text messages coming from an iPhone...
gba4ios on iphone

How to Install GBA4IOS on iPhone or iPad (iOS 12 and 11)

GBA4iOS is a miracle for old school gamers around the world. The technology revolutionized the gaming industry in the ’80s is not available in the modern gaming industry. The demand for modern...
Dark Mode on Instagram in iPhone

Dark Mode on Instagram on the iPhone, iPad, and Android

The concept of a dark mode on Instagram started several days back when YouTube received dark mode in the 2019 update. Millions of people loved it, and I personally use it on...
airdrop not working

AirDrop Not Working on iPad and iPhone? Here’s the Real Fix

Many complain that AirDrop not working after iOS updates. If the problem occurred by software errors or settings, then resolving them is an easy process. I will be providing solutions that will...
iPhone Cleaner

4 Top iPhone Cleaner 2019: Paid and Free to Clean Up iOS

iPhone cleaner is a popular term among iOS loyal customers because iPhone’s slow down a little bit on daily usage. I don’t deny that iPhones do get slower, and it doesn’t get...
change imessage number

How to change iMessage number on iPhone and iPad

Maybe the time has come to change iMessage number, and the carrier might have upset you. Many carriers are offering 5G networks at affordable monthly pricing, and you are planning to switch....
best camera app

Best Camera App for Android and iPhone

Android & iOS is a global phenomenon, where they have shaped the smartphone industry for average consumers. The innovative mobile operating system evolved over the years, and the best camera app improved...
best photo editing app in 2019

Best Photo Editing App for Android and iPhone

You can find thousands of best photo editing app on the Google Play Store and the Apple app store. Many apps come with interesting features to enhance the existing photos, but a...
imessage not working

iMessage Not Working on Apple Devices (iPhone and iPad)? Here’s to Fix

iMessage not working is a common issue on an iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and Mac PC. Of course, the application interface & function might reflect the same scenario on all devices, but the...

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