iTunes could not connect to this iPhone

iTunes Could Not Connect To This iPhone? 5 Ways to Fix This

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block website on safari

How to Block Website on Safari Browser on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

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How to Unblock and Block Unknown Numbers on FaceTime

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Block Someone on iMessage from any iOS Device

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iMessage on iPhone

iMessage on iPhone? How to Activate and Setting up

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How to Fix FaceTime Not Working on iPhone, iPad or Mac

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imessage activation error

iMessage Activation Error on iPhone or iPad? 4 Ways to Fix

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personal hotspot not working

How to Fix Personal Hotspot if Not Working Properly

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iMessage Effects Not Working in iPhone or iPad? 2 Ways to Fix this

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deregister imessage number online

Deregister iMessage Number from iPhone and iPad

Apple provided proper functions to deregister iMessage from iPhone and iPad. Many smartphone customers are switching to a non-Apple device, and it will result in missing SMS/Text messages coming from an iPhone...