android emulator

9 Top Android Emulator for PC Windows

Android Emulator for PC is a hot subject to talk about it because millions of people want to run Android apps & games on a Windows PC. I consider myself as a...
Antimalware Service Executable

Know About Antimalware Service Executable and How to Disable it on Windows 10,8, and...

Thousands of Windows registered customers are worried about antimalware service executable service. The high CPU usage is a major problem in the Windows operating system as it consumes a lot of resources....
imessage online

iMessage Online on Windows PC without Mac

Want to use iMessage on PC Windows without Mac? but you don't know how to do it. Here are multiple ways to get iMessage Online on Windows. So let's started
video player for windows

5 Best Free Video Player For Windows 10 of 2019

Looking for an advanced video player for windows 10 can turn out to be a hard part for a newbie. Microsoft's oldest product did grab the attention of the developers across the...
WMI Provider Host

WMI Provider Host (WmiPrvSE) High Disk Usage

Many Windows PC administrators complained about WMI Provider Host high CPU usage, and Microsoft doesn’t have an official solution. Fixing Windows errors is a challenge depending on the number of components used...
Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry

Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry: How Can I End Task?

Microsoft compatibility telemetry is an inbuilt system created to send diagnostics information, system files, program usage information, and feature information. Microsoft collects metrical information about the Windows OS features usage, and they...
KMode Exception Not Handled

KMode Exception Not Handled

Windows OS prone to several system errors and kmode exception not handled is one of them. The blue screen of death is a popular term in the Windows PC. The community does...
ios emulator for pc

4+ Best iOS Emulator for PC 2019 – iOS Simulator for Windows and Mac

iOS emulator is a popular term because millions of people are looking for solutions to run iOS apps on Windows and Mac. Android open-source policies made plenty of things possible for PC...
fix audio not working

Audio Not Working in Windows 10? Here’s the Quick Fix

I faced a lot of issues when it comes to the audio section. I always had a problem, when Realtek audio manager doesn’t show up on the screen, and other errors. We...
safari for windows

How to Install and Use Safari for Windows

Steve Jobs founder of Apple introduced Safari for Windows in WWDC 2007. Apple wanted to reach millions of new consumers using the cross-platform, and Microsoft is a direct rival company. Apple wanted...
snapseed for pc

How to Install Snapseed for PC and Windows using MeMu Emulator

Snapseed for PC is a common request of the majority of the Windows consumers around the world. Many thought that there’s going...