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Windows 10 Freezing? How to Fix and Protect PC From It

Microsoft invented Windows OS decades ago, and they could bring innovative features to the platform. The reputed software company may optimize the operating system, but it isn’t immune to Bugs, Glitches, and Compatibility. Today, we are going to address random Windows 10 Freezing and crashes, and how to resolve them correctly.

What is the reason to Freeze Windows PC?

The contributing factors may be subjective, but in most cases, it could threats or incompatible drivers. Windows 10 designed to run on older machines as well, but the software company cannot bundle updated drivers of different manufacturers with it. Hardware manufacturers stop supporting the components within three or four years of period. Usually, hardware driver incompatibility leads to miscommunication to no communication with the software.

We cannot blame Microsoft for freezes because they create an operating system that functions superior with wide-range of hardware manufactured around the world. In your case, the hardware component could be the integrated graphics card or video memory, and I recommend replacing it with aftermarket 2GB video card.

How do I protect Windows 10 from freezing?

Of course, you got Windows Update option, but I implore the consumers to be careful with it. I experienced system slow down after a significant update, and I don’t recommend the consumers to let Microsoft updating the computer.

Find the drivers manually & update them because you want to be in control of the PC, and an automation process can run it. Now, I have to reinstall Windows 10 to nurse back to health.

How do I Fix Windows 10 Keeps Freezing?

Let’s address common problems that we encounter when the computer freezes or you end up on the blue screen error. I will provide solutions, and it won’t involve third-party tools to resolve the problem. I may suggest you buy a new component or hardware to solve the issue, so brace yourself.

Remove Incompatible Programs

If you are running multiple programs on Windows, then two programs could be colliding with each other. Unfortunately, I cannot suggest any further because it could be any installed software on the PC. I recommend uninstalling suspected programs and start verifying it.

Corrupted HDD

Hard Disk is an essential component of the Windows PC, and I have suffered from three HDD failures. You can use the inbuilt HDD testing tool and confirm whether your HDD life cycle has come to an end or not.

  • Press Windows + S and then type “Command Prompt,” and make sure to run as administrator.
  • Type “chkntfs /x c:” in the CMD, and then hit enter to proceed further.
  • Type “Y” and then hit enter to start checking the disk.

The Windows PC will begin searching for errors in the HDD, and it will notify when encountered critical irreparable system files. No need to be worried about modifications during the process because an inbuilt disk scanner is a scanning tool, and it either repair corrupted files or leaves it.

Bottom Line

I always prefer the readers to reinstall Windows 10 PC because it resolves pretty much everything. I found several problems with the current installation, and fixing them manually is a challenge. The fastest way to solve Windows 10 Freezes randomly issues is to reinstall them.

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