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5 Best Free Video Player For Windows 10 of 2022

Looking for an advanced video player for windows 10 can turn out to be a hard part for a newbie. Microsoft’s oldest product did grab the attention of the developers across the globe, and you got premium solutions & free solutions in the market. I will mention the wide range of products for entertainment consumers, and you can expect premium solutions on the list. However, I recommend sticking to the free version because they exceed expectations of the paid version developers as well.

Which is the best video player for Windows 10?

Finding an ideal player for Windows 10 PC differs from the requirements of the consumer. I don’t mind using a semi-modern looking player in exchange for performance, and it doesn’t sit well for a minority of users. Rich experience and high-performance players do come at a cost, and I need to mention the right hardware for it. I request readers to keep hardware requirements in mind because video quality & audio output depends on the PC hardware as well.

In order to run 4K or 2K resolution videos, you need GT 710 (1GB) or GTX 1050 (2GB) graphics card powered by Core i3 5th generation processor or above. For AMD consumers, I mean, you can use mid-range processors such as FX-series and RX-series components or above. I believe AMD has done an excellent job at rendering the images & video for the visual consumers. Of course, audio highly depends on the motherboard audio chipset, and Realtek HD audio chipsets do a fabulous job.

DIVX Player – Best 4K Video Player

DivX player is highly optimized video playback software that made for Windows PC. If you are planning to watch 4K videos, then DivX’s solution offers a smoother experience. The program supports popular formats such as MP4, MKV, HEVC, DivX, and AVI. If you got DLNA-compatible device, then start streaming music & video in the player. DivX can play audio formats smoothly, and it supports modern music formats. The software company is offering a free version and premium version depending on the entertainment consumer demands. The developer’s added a modern interface to enhance the visual experience, and it is a visual appealing program.

VLC is the most “BASIC” product in the business and recommended by millions of active consumers. The VideoLAN project backed by open-source project, where thousands of developers across the globe made what VLC is today. The program offers a wide range of compatibility on Windows XP & above. I also used VLC on cross-platform such as Linux OS.

Over the years, VLC updates added high-end codes to the platform, which enabled the viewers to watch newer resolution videos. I never faced a situation where the player could not play a video format. I’ve seen newer video formats & audio formats releasing in the market, and VLC never had problems playing them. The interface allows custom skins, high-quality recording capabilities, streaming options, customizations, and more. Overall, the VLC media player is a good package for Windows 10 PC.

5KPlayer – Premium Media Player

5KPlayer is an upcoming media player for Windows 10 PC. The software company is promoting products across Asian countries via media houses. I stumble upon it during a review process, and I checked it’s abilities to play audio and video capabilities. 5KPlayer is a premium media player that offers a wide range of features & premium appeal.

DearMob Incorporated is a Chinese company, which ships the products with interesting functions that you might love. Media consumers would love the player because it supports hardware-acceleration to play Music & Video files. The player designed to take advantage of Intel QSV, DXVA 2.0, NVIDIA CUDA, and AMD Hardware-acceleration.

The official engineers behind the program tweaked the player for a 4K resolution video file. You no longer have to suffer playing 4K resolution media files without shutter, lagging, choke and crashes. You can play wide-range newer formats such as MP4, VP8/VP9, H.265/264, MTS, MKV, and VR 360 degrees. Playing audio formats in the highest audio output shouldn’t be an issue.

KMPlayer – Free Video Player

KMPlayer doesn’t challenge premium segment products, but it is an excellent free Windows 10 video player. The official developers added codes in it and can play a wide range of media files. Fortunately, you can add multiple external codes to the platform to watch 4K videos, 4K UDH videos, 3D videos, and more.

KMPlayer offers a large number of media file support, which allows the music consumers to watch & listen to the media files. Adding sound effects and video effects in the videos shouldn’t pose a problem. The player’s basic functions aren’t missing such as remap the remote keys, repeat, favourites, play/pause, forward/backwards, and more.

RealPlayer – Trusted Media Player

Remember, Real One player shipped with Nokia N-series phones? This is the company that designed & made an N-series entertainment platform innovative. RealPlayer launched a Windows player in April 1995, and the evolution didn’t stop to this day. The most trusted media player offers advanced functions, and the modern design appeal enriches our eyes.

You cannot find a video or audio format that RealPlayer cannot play because they perfected this area several years ago. The media player comes with h.264, Xvid, MPEG-4, DivX 5, DivX 4, and VP8 codes, which clearly states that you don’t need to install additional codes. The unbuilt converter offers high-quality conversion in any given format to support cross-platform devices. Start streaming HD videos to your TV using Xbox One, Chromecast, andRoku.

Bottom Line

I listed best Video Player for Windows 10 that every Microsoft OS consumer should try it. I haven’t included Kodi, Plex, MPC-HC, and others because they don’t fit the standards of modern technology. For example, MPC-HC official developers stopped working on the project & it is officially shut down the project.

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