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7 Best Xbox One Emulator for PC and Windows

The third-party developers launched several Xbox one emulator in the web market for free of cost. No one has to a single penny on Xbox one emulator to use it. Operating system Windows, Linux, and Macintosh don’t have to struggle run it as it has a compatible engine in it.

Today, we are going to look at Xbox one emulator for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux based computers. Millions of people are looking for a good alternative to the default version available on Windows PC.

Meanwhile, Linux consumers left with no alternative as there is no official version available in the market. We are going to dig deep into the best Xbox emulator and scrap the old ones in the trash bin. Recently, we have also added an article on Best iOS Emulator for Android.

7 Best Xbox One Emulator for PC Windows

If you are one of those looking for an alternative, then we have easy to understand the theory on it.

Xbox One is a hardware-based console, and no one can copy the console and add it to a computer. Millions of people have an existing computer, so the emulator replicates the console features into a computer. Of course, there are a few advantages and disadvantages related to the computer.

We will not mention Advantages or Disadvantages as it is not a perfect replacement for the console version. However, gamers can take advantage of the emulator functions without investing money into an expensive console.

Xeon Emulator

Millions of people are using Xeon Xbox emulator on Windows & DoS based operating system. Xeon developers crafted the best emulator for performance and smooth experience, so you can expect the program eliminate basic glitches. The good part about the Xeon comes from game support as it supports multiple numbers of popular triple a titles.


  • The developers are no longer supporting the project. The open-source program doesn’t seem to make enough to have dedicated developers working on it.
  • As it isn’t receiving support from the developers, the program stuck with NTSC version.
  • Modern games might struggle to produce a smooth experience.
  • Mac OS X and Linux computers are not supported.


  • The program is compatible with Windows and DoS only.
  • There is an advanced back-up creator available for the consumers.
  • Smooth experience on old games and older generation AAA titles.

DXBX Emulator

DXBX is the second variant of CXBX emulator because both programs developed on the same source code. However, they both serve different purpose and importance to other features. DXBX focuses a lot on the lagging free gaming, but it may not deliver 60 FPS per second. Remember, DXBX is an excellent alternative for CXBX emulator. However, DXBX is slightly superior to CXBX in many ways, which is the main reasons, why I have listed DXBX in number two spot.


  • The emulator is based on a 32-BIT system.
  • The emulator might not utilize Graphics card at 100%.


  • There is a Direct 3D Engine installed in the DXBX Emulator, so it can run graphics hungry game smoothly.

PCSX2 Emulator

PCSX2 is an open source project, which powered a PS2 emulator for Microsoft Windows. You can consider PCSX2 as the primary source of competition today in the market. PS2 Emulator did not exist in the market until PCSX2 launched the first-ever free edition for Windows. The official developers started to work on it effectively and then a few months later it supports all games available for PS2 emulator.

PCSX2 is a sophisticated program indeed for non-programmers and non-coders. Spend a few days with the emulator and figure out functions and basic controls, and then you will master it. It is a stable Play Station emulator, and it is one of the contributing factors, why millions of people love it. The developers added stability for Windows environment and utilize the CPU + GPU properly. The gamers can install.ISO format games, and it takes a few days to master controls.

The PS2 gamers cannot expect the emulator to mimic PS2 controller + portable device on Windows PC. Of course, you have to face minor lags and performance defects. At the end of the day, the overall gaming experience should be good enough for gamers.

CXBX Emulator

CXBX is a popular emulator in the web market because it can convert Xbox Games into Executable files. The developers designed the emulators to work with the game, so the gamers can have lag-free experience. The interface of the emulator doesn’t intimidate the new users on the platform. The CXBX made to work with almost every game, but you might experience glitches as the converted executable file is not compatible.


  • I have mentioned something about glitches, and it can apply to several new AAA titles.
  • The emulator doesn’t shy away from taking 100% advantage of the computer resources. A mid-range or high-end computer is necessary for the process.


  • The developers added advanced in-built features like Pixel Shaders, Xbox SDK samples, and Xbox Executable viewer.
  • The CXBX emulator can convert any Xbox game into an executable file.


The environment designed to imitate the Xbox 360 on a Windows PC. Of course, you cannot expect an emulator to mimic the Xbox environment at 100% level without lags and performance defects. As of now, Windows OS supported by the latest edition of Xenia and Linux OS doesn’t seem to get a fresh edition anytime soon.

Xenia emulator is designed to run 90 games available in the store today. The environment developed by smart programmers, so it doesn’t take a lot of effort for the new games to utilize it. The set-up doesn’t take more than a few minutes to complete. Download the ZIP file from the official site and start installing the Xbox 360 emulator.

EX360E Xbox 360 Emulator

EX360E is an advanced Xbox 360 emulator designed to detect the game developed for the console. The compatibility is a major issue with Windows OS, so the virtual environment utilizes conversion from console format to Windows executable format. EX360E built to utilize 100% resources of the 64-bit Windows operating system.


  • Unfortunately, the 32-bit computers cannot run this emulator as it only supports 64-bit Windows operating system.
  • The UI (user interface) is not advanced for the masses, but it is an unattractive design. I don’t think it affects the performance of the game in any fashion.


  • The emulator inbuilt feature converts an XBOX file into Windows executable file to support the environment.

Box Emulator

Box Emulator is an advanced emulator, where the developers focused on delivering 60 FPS per second gaming. The graphical concentrated based emulator works with the game so the customers can get up to 60 FPS per second. The developers added an advanced feature of “PowerPC x_kernel to x86/x64 versions” so the users can run the game on Xbox one emulator.


  • It doesn’t support live games as well.
  • The developers strictly don’t support pirated games.
  • It doesn’t convert the Xbox one games into executable files.


  • Fortunately, you can run AA titles from Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions.
  • The interface is slightly intimidating at first, but it is a graphical representation to enlighten the eyes.


There is a minimum requirement to run Xbox one emulator on Windows PC. Remember, the games are designed to consume a lot of RAM, Graphics Card, Processor, and other aspects of the PC. Xbox one for PC cannot deliver smooth experience until or unless the consumer has a mid-range gaming PC or high-end gaming PC.

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