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Is Microsoft Hotmail or Outlook Down Today? Check its server status

You can find out whether Hotmail is down or not. Hotmail is the biggest free email service and oldest in existence. Microsoft took an initial step towards the future to support modern users and equip modern products and replaced it with a refreshed design called Outlook. There are many sites out there that keep an eye on Outlook services but MS has added the server status option officially.

Hotmail is the original free email service offered by Microsoft, but they rebranded it as Outlook. Overall, there is no major difference in both email services, and Outlook is a new domain that will help the professionals & modern users to represent themselves to the corporates, individuals, and business people. The word “Hotmail” seems dated, and MS wanted to shape the email service for modern users, and that’s what brought Outlook in the first place.

How to check Hotmail or Outlook server status if it isn’t working

Allow us to find out whether Microsoft Outlook or Hotmail is down or not.

  • Open the desktop or mobile web browser.
  • Go to the Microsoft site from the link.
  • Find Outlook in the service health list.
  • You should find the “We’re all good! Everything is up and running” status on the service health page.

If there are any problems occurred in the services, then you should be able to track them there. However, Microsoft is hosting all products on Windows Azure, so everything is managed cleverly.

The website works flawlessly on modern mobile browsers, and you check Hotmail/Outlook on the official site.

Remember, MS has rebranded Hotmail as Outlook in 2012, and it is nothing but an old email service that has a new name and new design. However, Outlook has new features & functions that were introduced over the course of nine years.

Bottom Line

Now, you can find the answer on the official site and avoid third-party sites to check the service’s health. Microsoft’s official page provides information about the Outlook/Hotmail server-status, so you know if it is down or up.

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