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How to upgrade an existing Hotmail email account to Outlook

Microsoft allows the users to upgrade their existing Hotmail account to from the dashboard. The Redmond-based company has made plenty of changes in the past few years, and they are focusing on continuing email services for the users. The American company cannot give up on the email service because it plays a crucial role in the ecosystem.

What is Outlook & Hotmail?

The new users may not know much about Hotmail & Outlook and its differences due to the drastic changes from the company. Hotmail was founded in 1996, and it was acquired by Microsoft and then turned into an MS product.

Microsoft team started to work on the modern email service that will help Windows, Cloud service, Email service, and other products somewhere down the line. The Hotmail team introduced Outlook that was designed to replace Hotmail and you can consider Outlook as a refreshed design.

You don’t lose any of the features, functions, data, contacts, emails, attachments, and others. The new update had a design change, name change, and focused on professionals. You are not losing anything here, and you can send/receive emails & use other MS products without limitations.

Hotmail to Outlook Experience

The biggest question is what’s the catch? There is no catch because Microsoft wants the users to experience the modern email service Outlook.

Hotmail will work as a Microsoft account and Outlook email service is one of the products.

The latest design brings new features, functions, and improvements for the next decade. If you are someone who is working for an organization or a freelancer, then an Outlook domain will give a professional visual impact.

The new user interface eliminated bloatware and added an easy-to-use dashboard. Users can communicate & synchronize with other Microsoft products like OneDrive, Windows OS, Office Suite, Security (EMS), Windows Azure, Skype, Xbox, MS Surface laptops, and more.

The American company is trying to create an eco-system for the products and that’s why they took such a major step ahead of the time.

How does the upgrade affect the Hotmail account?

Microsoft team is no longer offering an opt-out form or opt-out option for users. You are forced to upgrade by default and you have no other alternatives on the table. The user has to submit themselves to the new change and there is no opting out of the system. However, the Outlook upgrade does not impact the user whatsoever and allows us to list down several things, so you can be sure of it.

  • You can log in to the Hotmail account using,, and You don’t have to add “@outlook” or create a new account because Microsoft ensured that it will work with old domains.
  • All old email addresses will work flawlessly in modern Outlook because all domains & email addresses are saved on the same server. You don’t worry about it because Outlook is refreshed design, not a new system.
  • You can use the Hotmail account & credentials with other products. You can sign in to the old Hotmail account on your Windows machine and access other MS products.
  • All saved form data will remain in the account and nothing will be removed or modified whatsoever.
  • The saved contacts, emails, attachments, and saved form data will remain in the account.

None of the customizations, data, settings, and synchronization will be removed. You got nothing to worry about the negative impact of the account upgrade because this is a step towards the future. Microsoft team is helping the users to shift to modern generation products and technology.

How to update your Hotmail email account to

You don’t have an option and the MS team forcing the users to log in to Outlook directly. We have to say that MS took an extreme step because it has created confusion among the users. Allow us to show the users how to access the Hotmail login page in modern UI, Outlook.

  • Go to the or login page.
  • Click on “Sign-in” to continue.
  • Enter the email address and then click on “Next” to continue.
  • Enter the password and then click on “Sign in” to continue.
  • Now, you have accessed your Microsoft Hotmail account in the Outlook dashboard.

Microsoft combined the goodness of Live, MSN, and Hotmail into Outlook as we have said earlier. The outlook is one of the products of Microsoft, and this is a Microsoft account in general.

How to create an Outlook account with Hotmail account?

Readers don’t have to create a new Hotmail email address to communicate with clients, corporates, and relatives with the same address. Yes, you can create a new email address and synchronize it into one account.

My Hotmail account can create another email address with a new name and “” as the ending domain name.

  • Go to the official webpage and sign-in to the account.
  • Enter the email address and then click on “Next” to continue.
  • Now add a recovery email address or phone number and then click on “Next” to continue.
  • A code is sent to the recovery email address or phone number.
  • Click on “I have a code” to enter the received code and then enter the secret code to finish the process.
  • Now, you can create a new Outlook email address from here and then click on “Add alias” to confirm it.
  • You can view all alias in one place.

You can make one of the alias primary email addresses and remove unwanted addresses. You can create up to five alias per year and a maximum of 15 for one main account.

Bottom Line

Microsoft removed the option to upgrade the existing Hotmail account to from the dashboard. You have to use Outlook as the default email service, so you have to live with it or move on to another service provider.

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