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3 Best iOS Emulator for Android 2022 (Run iOS Apps)

The web market has plenty to offer, but selecting the best iOS emulator for Android is a difficult process. Millions of developers working backend to release an iOS emulators for Android, and Apple might be ready to sue them.

Nowadays, Apple doesn’t seem to take the open-source option of the iOS or Mac OS X. The Apple policies are the contributing factors for the elimination of the developers from the scene, who are developing iOS emulators. In the peak of Apple’s creation, the web market does have secret software up to the sleeve.

ios emulator for android to run iOS Apps on Android

What is iOS Emulator and how to use it on Android?

iPhone emulator for Android might sound a little confusing for the millennial, and it is indeed a new term for millions of people. It is an application for Android smartphone and tablets to run iOS designed apps in a few steps.

Android and iOS operating system are different, and they are not compatible with each other. The iOS emulator for Android creates an environment to make the Apple platform developed apps on an Android phone.

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Smartphone Specifications to run iOS Emulator on Android

You might have realized that Apple’s simulator projection is not an easier task. The policies have restricted third-party developers to develop a stable version. Android, on the other hand, does promote open-source usage so that the world can move the industry further & smoothly.

Android OS: Minimum 5.0 Lollipop. The industry standard has shifted from 4.4 Kitkat to 5.0 Lollipop.

RAM: 1 GB RAM. A smartphone ranging from 512 MB to 6 GB variant requires 500 MB free RAM to use.

Storage: 10 GB free. None of the emulators consume above 500 MB, but free internal storage is extremely important for virtual RAM.

Processor: Single-core. A single-core processor is more than enough to run the applications with an app.

Make sure to update the web browser as well because one of the options requires a mobile web browser as well. Remember, updating the browser can help the user to run PHP based web apps smoothly.

Top 3 Best iOS Emulator for Android 2022


IOSEmus is an Android application for the smartphones users that are willing to run IOS apps. It is a freeware that does not have catches like in-app purchases. Users can install any iOS app from the store in a few clicks. The developers utilized alphabetical order to organize the application, so the users can easily track it.

The application has an inbuilt feature, which recognizes smartphone screen resolution, and fits it accordingly. The application does not have any restrictions; this, you can run it worldwide. Installation simplified by the developer’s team, and in a few clicks, you can start using it. Go to the official website from the smartphone, and tap on the icon to start installing it.


Cider is a popular solution in the iOS simulator for Android, and it is an APK file that does not have trackbacks. The official developers are unknown, and it does not have an official website. Cider is not a hardware hungry application, and it requires 512 MB RAM + Dual-core processor to run apps. Remember, the RAM consumption increases, when running games on it.

Cider considered as best iOS emulator for Android but it does not have any form of support, and it does get engine updates. The emulator is not a good companion for an older smartphone running on 1 GB variant or less available RAM device.

Appetize IO

The simulator supports mobile web browser navigation. Update the web browser in the smartphone so that you can utilize the web application from scratch. It is a popular solution that doesn’t require hardware require such as RAM or Processor.

The developers offering a demo version with 60 seconds of timer on it, so you have to determine if it’s worth it. The simulator is not packed with advanced features, so do not exceed the expectations from it.

Of course, the company is selling the services, which allows the users to upload APK or .app bundle into the simulator. The web-based application generates a web link, and you can use it to start working on it. Remember, it isn’t a playground for the newbie, and the concept came to existence for the developers.

Bottom Line

The new smartphone bundled with 4 GB RAM as a basic variant, and it might not have hardware issues running the emulators. I do not have the same opinion for older variants, and even the iOS emulator for Android might struggle applications smoothly. Eliminate background running packages to save resources such as RAM, CPU, and storage.

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