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Solved: Why does my iPhone constantly dropping calls in iOS 15

You are trying to connect someone important and found that iPhone dropping calls without any reason. Worse things started to happen randomly, and it has nothing to do with your fate. Of course, there are several official ways to resolve the problem, but we have to identify the culprit first. We are going to suggest multiple solutions and try them all depending on the scenario. We cannot identify the culprit without conducting research.

Why does my iPhone keeps dropping calls?

Apple released iOS 13 stable versions for a wide range of models. The company received several software errors from consumers all over the world, and they started to work on patches. Most of the problems related to the Phone app and cellular connectivity. Apple released iOS 13.1 to 13.3 in 50 days, and that’s an achievement. I cannot imagine the life of a leading team at Apple working on it because they must be having a hard time now.

Overall, Apple is working towards fixing the problem. We cannot help the software-based issues because they come integrated with it, and solving them requires iOS updates. We recommend the readers to update the phone to avoid BUGS and GLITCHES. I understand the position of Apple and not blaming them whatsoever.

  • Tap on the “Settings” with the gear icon.
  • Click on “General”, and you can find it by scrolling down.
  • Tap on “Software Update.”
  • Follow the update wizard for automated installation.

Make sure to connect the Wi-Fi network with zero limitations. Ensure that your phone has a 90% charge left and back up the data. Installing updates can erase personal files, and there is zero probability to recover the data. Unfortunately, new updates are not available for iPhone 6, and that’s why I couldn’t show any further.

Remove SIM Card and insert it again on iPhone

SIM is prone to wear and tear, and it happens despite being surrounded by protective shells. Dust mites and dust particles can reach slimmer areas, and they can create problems. I own a very old SIM card, and it works smoothly, but sometimes I have to clean it to avoid network connectivity problems.

  • Power off the iPhone and take out the slot using the SIM ejector.
  • You can utilize dry cotton to clean the dust and particles.
  • Insert the SIM card back in the iPhone and restart.

Network connectivity should be resolved by cleaning the card. The scenario applies to phones that experience connection enabled and disabled frequently. I recommend replacing the SIM card, and I did the same a few years back, and it worked happily ever after.

Setting up Mobile Data Options

Several telecommunication companies are shifting their focus on 4G VoLTE calling services. None of the phones automatically detects the changes and set default voice calling services. The traditional method has always been direct calling using credits, and device owners should manually set the default calling services.

  • Tap on the “Settings”.
  • By default, “Mobile Data” or “Cellular Data” is turned off. Tap on it to go further.
  • Turn on “Mobile Data” or “Cellular Data” and then tap on “Mobile Data Options” to make important changes.
  • Turn on “Data Roaming” and then tap on “Enable 4G” to make changes.
  • The choice is yours; you can either select “Data Only” or “Voice + Data” depending on the subscribed package.

In my native country, the telecommunication is offering 1GB 4G data per day with unlimited 4G VoLTE voice calling. I selected “Voice + Data” because I subscribed to the package that offers both features. Contact the carrier to know more about your package.

Upgrade your Carrier Settings on Phone

Telecom companies don’t change network settings for a long time because they don’t want to cause unnecessary network failures. The majority of the device owners aren’t aware of the technical information on the network settings update.

Many networks don’t support this feature in several countries, so don’t assume that there are no updates available as of now. I always recommend the readers to contact the network’s customer care team because they can genuinely guide you through it.

The last hope (Reset Network Settings)

All right, resetting network configuration does resolve the majority of the communication problems. However, it also wipes out Bluetooth paired devices, Wi-Fi connected devices, and others. Overall, you are getting a new session, and nothing can bind the phone.

Starting fresh will kick telecommunication to send new configuration, which is a great method to revive the voice calling functionalities.

Final Words

Contact the nearest Apple support center for further assistance because I believe you might have a hardware issue. You should contact the carrier support team because they can reveal information that you might be aware of it.

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