Access iMessage Online on Windows PC without Mac

iMessage online is a texting environment developed by Apple Incorporated. iMessage is an advanced texting platform available for MacBook, Mac PC, iPhone, iPad, and Apple devices. The company can create a Linux, Windows and Android phone compatible desktop-class application, but they have a different objective in mind.

However, many users want to get iMessage on PC Windows, but they don’t know how to do it. Here we will help you to use iMessage for PC Computer. Before starting, we should know about iMessage and its features, Right? So, let’s start.

Things You Must Know About iMessage

iMessage is a texting/message application available for iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and Mac PC.

Apple eco-system is a major project the company leading towards the future. It is not available on cross-platform because the company does not want the existing consumers to leave the platform. Majority of the iPhone & Mac consumers do not have a single idea on how to operate an Android or Windows PC.

iMessage is not officially possible on Windows, Linux, and Android platform because the Apple company does not want consumers to experience premium apps on the non-Apple device. The logic applies to devices, software, and desktop environments. The Apple restrictions are part of the eco-system to keep the existing consumers trapped in iPhone’s, iPad’s and Mac PC’s machines.

7 Amazing iMessage Features: You Never Knew

Innovation is Apple’s vision for iPhone and texting was boring back in the days, and Steve Jobs wanted to create something unique. The consumers were tired of using a so-called smartphone that was not smart at all.

Interestingly, texting is a popular trend for a long time now, and Apple wanted to create something unique out of the box. We are going to look at the unique features of iMessage, which were not possible back in the days.

  1. iMessage effects are possibly the most innovative in-built features a smartphone has today. I can bet that other manufacturers & software creators will follow effects idea soon.
  2. There is an option called “reactions” which are not available on Facebook as well. You can react to a message with an emoji, like or dislike.
  3. Bubble effects lovers are growing day-by-day, and it is an elegant way to open a message.
  4. The fun new animations are called “screen effects” causing a storm among the Apple consumers. The screen effects are incredible animations to mesmerize the recipient with texts. The message is hidden until the recipient taps on it, which creates a pool of curiosity.
  5. There is a popular saying “OLD IS GOLD” which doesn’t seem to end the fun at all. The developers added “handwriting” in iOS 11 and iOS 12, and it enables the consumers to write a message using fingers.
  6. How about drawing a picture & send to a loved one? I am encouraging the idea, and it is a new feature called “Digital Touch” which allows the users to draw a picture within the iMessage.
  7. The additional package is not a new innovative idea, but it is a needed one. The art team updates the entire existing library of Emojis, Stickers, GIFS and more.

You can get iMessage online and start using mentioned features right from the beginning. I have not mentioned a lot of features, and it contains minor & major features as well. However, I have mentioned “UNIQUE,” and I cannot go back from my word.

2 Ways to Access iMessage Online on PC Windows

Using Chrome Remote Desktop to Get iMessage for PC

Google Chrome browser is available for Mac OS X operating systems. In the extension store, you can find an add-on, which comes with a feature to connect to iMessage.

1) – Download & Install Chrome Remote Desktop on your device.

2) – Click on the Add App to install it on the MacBook and Windows PC.

3) – You have to gain permission from Google account, so make sure to give it full control.

4) – A separate Window will open and then click on authorize to continue.

5) – You have two separate options 1) Remote Assistance, 2) My Computers. Go for Remote Assistance to access MacBook or Mac PC.

6) – Now, select SIX characters PIN to enter on both ends.

7) – You have to keep MacBook or Mac PC running in the background including texting app so iMessage online process can take place.

8) – Enter the newly generated PIN on Mac, when prompted.

9) – Click on connect, and it will take a few seconds to complete the entire process.

10) – After that, you will be able to use iMessage on your Windows PC.

Through iPadian Emulator (iOS Emulator)

You might have heard of Android emulator, right? There are iOS emulators as well, and you can install them on Windows PC to start using iOS apps. However, I have never come across a working iPhone emulator, but we are suggesting it.

  • Open any browser and type
  • Download iPadian Emulator and install on your device.
  • After successfully install, launch the emulator.
  • Now, Search iMessage on the search bar.
  • Download the iMessage app and open it.
  • After all, you are able to use iMessage on PC without Mac.

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Wrapping up

I have come across the Jail Break Cydia app store, where you can find Remote Messages application. Do not use such fishy apps from Cydia because it might contain Virus, Privacy invasion and Brick your device. iOS 11 and iOS 12 modern operating system might find it difficult to run Remote Messages application.

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