5 Top Android Emulator for PC Windows (Run Android Apps)

Android Emulator for PC is a hot subject to talk about it because millions of people want to run Android apps & games on a Windows PC. I consider myself as a suitable host to talk about it because I am running Android games & apps on various emulators. No one can deny that Android emulator differs from one and another. Some of them designed for gaming and few of them for regular tasks. I have seen Android Emulators advertising as perfect for gamers, but they don’t even come close to it.

I am going to put my experience with Android Emulators for Gaming, Streaming Android games on PC, and regular tasks. Here to explain about PROS and CONS, I have experienced setting up an emulator for Gaming, Regular tasks, and Streaming into words.

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5 Top Android Emulator for PC Windows

Tencent Gaming Buddy

Indian Gaming Community filled with TGB emulator because the wrath of PUBG Mobile hit the market. The Indian gaming industry rose to another level in the gaming industry with the assistance of affordable 4G tariff and PUBG.


  • Great for gaming and it is probably the only Android Emulator that offers stable controls. I am severe that it does indeed have stable controlling over Mouse & Keyboard. You cannot find a stable environment on any other emulator, and it is a contributing factor for selecting TGB Company.
  • I have tested the key mapping on the emulator, and it does indeed design for a game.
  • The entire emulator intended for gaming, and they have a store as well. Interestingly, the store has pre-installed settings & offers stability for gaming.
  • A dedicated store with permission from official developers of the game.


  • The settings are not optimised for every game.
  • No Play Store in it, which has a good intention and it is a disadvantage.

NOX App Player

Nox Android emulator is a blessing for the masses because of its freeware designed for professional users. I had first come across the Nox App in 2016, and I was amazed to witness the performance. The emulator remained my first choice for a long time, and it has all rights to call itself king of emulators.


  • Perfect for gaming because the emulator has advanced settings to adjust itself for high-end games.
  • I consider it the most elegant solution for Gaming & Regular task Android emulator for windows.
  • I have tested it on the low-end computer as well, which doesn’t have virtualization enabled, and it somehow worked.
  • In the advanced settings, you have an option to select hardware such as Low, Medium, and High.


  • The default variant comes with Android 4.4 or Android 5.0. However, the customers can try the Android 7.0 BETA version.
  • You shouldn’t run applications like Google Pay, Apple Pay, and social media accounts on Nox.

MeMu Android Player

MEmu is a popular Android emulators for Windows PC, and it is a second option for my regular tasks. I have tested MEmu on several occasions, and I consider it as a daily driver usage application for Windows PC. The company started to advertise as a gaming emulator, but I have a few words to add about it in the PROS and CONS. Make sure to go through it to understand the potential of the Windows PC emulator.


  • MEmu is a good daily driver for regular tasks such as Android apps experience.
  • The developers added an advanced option for gaming purpose, but it lacks power in my frank opinion.
  • The freeware comes with stable Android 5.1 out of the package. The Android operating system doesn’t have bugs and glitches, which is a good part.
  • In-built Play Store services and the company did add bloatware.
  • The developers made a lot of efforts to add Android 6.0 out of the box, Android 7.1 support, and Android 4.0 support.


  • It isn’t a gaming oriented emulator, so expect everything to work on it.
  • Several major titles don’t work smoothly on MEmu emulator.


BlueStacks is standing on #1 position in the web market today, and millions of people are using it. The developers have done a fabulous job in marketing it in several countries, including India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, UAE, Japan, and more. The company started to commercialize it to generate extra income from the business model.


  • There is a dedicated team working to improve it, which is a unique function as no other company putting a lot of efforts on improvement.
  • The freeware optimised for Gaming & General usage.
  • In-built Play Store to download apps from the official store.
  • The developers never caught or blamed for security reasons in the past. Security is pretty good on the BlueStacks.


  • The company shifted it from free emulator to commercial product, which is annoying in my frank opinion.
  • BlueStacks comes under the “overrated” product. The program doesn’t function smoothly on idle state, and the interface got difficult.

KO Player

KO Player is an Android emulator designed for gaming, and the developers integrated it to support AAA titles in the market. It doesn’t advertise it as a gaming product, but they did add “Gamers’ First Choice of Android Emulator,” which is a marketing tactic. I did not play any game on the program, but I have tested it in the past for sure.


  • A good alternative for general usages, such as running multiple productivity apps.
  • It doesn’t rip off the computer resources because the developers optimized it.
  • If gaming is in your DNA, then KO Player can add greater value to the Android emulator online experience.
  • The new users can run multiple emulators in one computer.
  • There are gameplay recording capabilities, and it is a gem for online video creators.


  • The developers did not update the software for six months now.

Bottom Line

I have listed 5 Best Android emulator for PC and Windows, and I have tested them in the past and using them in the present. There are so many options available in the market, but I don’t recommend the users to operate Banking apps, Money related apps, and personal information related apps.

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