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How to get iMessage on Android without Mac in 2022?

iMessage on Android phones will be a blessing for the existing and new consumers. Apple invented the iMessage application for portable devices such as iPhone, iPad, and MacBook, Mac PC. Apple’s premium texting platform created a revolutionary way to communicate with loved ones, friends, and business people.

Is it possible to get iPhone Messages on an Android?

Apple is a precious gig that company has to protect from the market share that they got in the USA. They cannot let Android or Blackberry operating system consumer take advantage of the premium apps. The software + hardware manufacturer copyright and patented the technology so that they can provide them exclusively on MacBook, macOS, and iPhone/iPad.

Overall speaking, they cannot let the direct rival companies eliminate the premium quality of the entire package. iMessage for Android is not available officially, and the company is not going to provide a non-official version. But don’t worry, Here we have stated some iMessage alternatives that you definitely like it.

7 Best iMessage alternatives for your Android device


The “Messages” is a default application available for Android. You can download & install the app as a primary texting platform on other Android phones as well. Google Messages offers advanced functions that improve communication, or it provides similar features and experience as an Apple invention, I should put it this way.

I felt premium experience on a budget-range smartphone, which came with stock Android, and the experience is smooth + lag-free. You can receive & send messages, and create messages in new fashion and it provides ultimate texting solution by adding Emojis, GIFs, Stickers, and more. Google solution is a lightweight application that works on any Android version, and hardware doesn’t matter in this case.

KIK Messenger

KIK Messenger is a social media application developed and launched in 2010. Originally, KIK is a texting platform, which took over the social media app category during its initial days. In 2010, social media giants did not release demanding texting features because they thought it was too early.

KIK does not replace the default SMS application whatsoever, and they provide KIK-to-KIK user communication only. New users on the platform do not have to give a phone number to confirm identity.

Overall, the solution created to rival iMessage on Apple, where KIK Messenger provides media sharing options, GIFs, Stickers, Games, and more. You can create groups with friends, and start group conversations, and communicate separately as well.

Handcent Next SMS

Handcent is an innovative application designed to replace the default texting application for Android phones. The official developers came up with the idea because the default message platform is not good enough. Handcent is a highly customizable interface, where you can change the colors, background, and make small adjustments to improve the visual experience.

Launched in 2010, and the developers improvised existing functions so that it can pair with any Android version. Over the years, the company added Android Wear devices and stability is not an issue at all. You get a dedicated private box, where you can transfer received SMS, and access using a unique password. In order to improve engagement, you got emojis, GIFs and other elements that make it an excellent iMessage alternative.


TextNow is a free application for Android mobile devices, and it supports almost every old phone. It may not replace the default SMS solution, but it does offer unique features and set of new functions that improve the experience.

The SMS app also works as a caller application, where you can make calls and receive calls using the function. You can record videos within the service, and then send it to another TextNow user. Create a unique password and start securing the received content, and no one can access it expects the owner.


WeChat is a multi-purpose instant messaging platform that took over China right now. Millions of users on the platform are using it regularly to make payments, and converse. The service went viral after they started to provide HD quality video conference with the limitation of nine users.

You can create groups and add up to 500 members in it, but they do not mention much about how they control spam. Similar to WhatsApp, you can share real-time location to the loved ones, and friends. Time Capsule is a unique feature, which allows the users to shoot a short video, and it disappears 24 hours of period.


Telegram is a popular social media application in western countries, and the services are available worldwide. It doesn’t sell advertisements or analytical information to the companies, and they claim to provide 256-bit symmetric AES encryption and 2048-bit RSA encryption industry standard connections.

You can create a new account, and create a group, where 200,000+ people can join it. Meanwhile, you can send & receive wide-range of media files, and documents via Telegram platform. Coming to privacy, you got industry-standard security, and they promise not to sell data to marketing companies.

The developers designed the structure of the texting platform so that they can send & receive messages in minimum bytes possible. The reliable servers do not disappoint new customers, but it comes with advanced editing image tools as well. I have mentioned about sharing functions such as documents, images, audio, and others with zero limitations.


LINE is a Japanese instant messaging platform that advertises free calls and messages. The LINE offers group-calling options, and you can converse up to 200 users at once. The company claims that you can make international calls without spending a penny on it, but I think, they do charge for it.

You can download the cross-platform application and log in using the same credentials to synchronize data. To increase engagement, the company allows GIFs, Emojis, Stickers, and other elements to improve the conversation.

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