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Kik for PC and Windows Using Nox Player

KIK Messenger or KIK is a messaging application for Android, iOS and other portable devices. The application started in 2003, Canada and it was developed by a group of University of Waterloo students. The application gained immense popularity among the Schools and Universities in the United State of America. However, it took a decade for the app to reach other parts of the world and gain international popularity.

It enables the registered users on the platform to communicate over a smartphone. You can exchange texts, messages, pictures, emotions, and more using the application. The service gained immense popularity among the students because the new users do not have to provide a mobile number as a verification method.

Before proceeding to download and install Kik for PC Windows, we take a look at the Best Kik Messenger features. So let’s get started.

Top 7 Prime Features of Kik Messenger

The masses can comprehend or can predict a number of factors on why this is a perfect replacement for Messenger, Twitter, and WhatsApp. However, I do not try out apps until or unless I understand what the service adds to my valuable time.

Do not underestimate KIK because it has over 200+ million registered users and millions of active users on the platform. I am going to mention a number of features that made KIK Messenger what it is today.

QR Scan Code : In modern applications, we find a new feature that allows us to make payment via QR code. The same technology implemented in KIK Messenger several years ago, and it allows users to add a friend quickly. The QR Code idea eliminates the manual search, and it functions smoothly on any device.

Sharing : The internet is known for sharing content, and billions of pictures, videos, and music shared every day. The consumption of data increased over the years, and KIK Online Messenger designed for sharing. You can quickly send a picture, post, music, video, emojis, and other using the platform.

Live Typing Status : It might not sound an innovative feature from KIK, but you can keep track of other person typing. Just like Messenger, WhatsApp, and other apps, you can witness, whether recipient typing or not. Of course, it is available on modern applications, nothing innovative, but it isn’t missing on KIK Messenger, and that’s the good part.

Advanced Privacy : The KIK offers advanced privacy settings for the masses, and it is enough to protect identity. The registered users can select the visibility of the phone number to protect personal information.

Notifications & Alerts : You can send & receive texts from a friend or a relative, and application will notify it. A short tone will assist in alerts and users can disable it as well. There are no options to replace the existing tones with a custom tone, but there are a few alternatives available. No innovative technique used in the process, but the developers kept it optimal to avoid annoying tones.

Chat Customization : In KIK contacts, you can assign colors to specific friends or relatives, and it will assist visually. Users can quickly pick up the contact without looking at the entire name or other details. Consider it an innovative way to eliminate time in recognizing the sender. It comes handy in group chats, and the color does not reflect on the recipient phone.

Multimedia Sharing : Social media platforms have restrictions on file size and certain sharing limitations. KIK Messenger is designed for the masses, who love to share multimedia among friends. Of course, there are a few restrictions added to the sharing part, but the experience exceeds modern apps.

I have listed a few features that you love to use KIK Messenger for Windows PC an innovative application in modern times. The 14-years old service maintained stability in the USA, Canada, and other parts of the world.

Get Kik for PC and Windows using Nox Player Emulator

KIK for PC without Bluestacks sounds good to me because the popular emulator has converted into a commercial product. Older machines struggling to run the emulator in the industry today and we have alternatives for you. The Windows PC must meet a few requirements to start using the Android apps on Windows.

And we are good to go, and now follow our lead to Download & Install the Kik Messenger on PC Windows through the Nox Emulator. In my case, I am going to take the assistance of Nox Android emulator, which is a rising star in the industry.

  • First of all, You must have an apk file of Kik Messenger in your device or computer storage.
  • The NOX inbuilt recognition will detect the app. Click on the application to install directly, and then you will get a notification about it.
  • The installed notification shows up on the screen and remains patient until the process finishes.
  • It launches automatically or the icon will appear on the home screen.
kik for pc

Launch the application to begin the KIK on Windows journey.

Bottom Line

Nox Player is a reputed & reliable emulator available in the store. You can install the application from the official Google Play Store as well, but I have chosen a manual process because it can be useful as an alternative.

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