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Fix: iPhone keeps asking for Apple ID Password after updating iOS 15

Apple created an eco-system around the Apple ID and iCloud. iPhone keeps asking for a password that could be a reason that something is wrong from the end of your account. Many consumers update the iOS version to the latest version, and then iPhone keeps updating applications in the background, and the error shows up frequently. In this tutorial, we are going to solve the problem by following suitable solutions. I recommend the readers to create a local data backup and cloud backup to prevent potential data loss.

Update your iPhone iOS Application

I have come across iOS applications that require the device owner’s permission before updating the packages. In most cases, Apple designed the App Store to keep apps up-to-date automatically, and everything happens in the background. In many rare cases, you have to enter the password to confirm the identity, and that’s when the iPhone keeps asking for a passcode.

  • Launch the “App Store” from the menu.
  • Tap on “Updates” located at the bottom of the menu.
  • Tap on “Update All” to begin the process.

If you are having problems with updating a specific application, then you can uninstall it, and reinstall the application. I have followed the same process, and then I never had to bother with it again.

Restart or Reboot your Apple Device

The majority of the Apple device owners don’t restart the phone from time-to-time and keep them running for weeks. A simple restart does not help big-time, but it can do wonder, especially when you are having multiple software-related problems. Apple’s iOS will dump the temporary files from RAM and Storage, and start a new session, which eliminates the software-based problems.

It’s that simple to turn off the phone and leave the device for 10 minutes to sleep. iOS mobile operating system running hardware requires a sleep time of half an hour a week for a longer lifespan and robust performance. Overall, I don’t have scientific evidence to back up my theory, but it is 100% true that hardware does need sleep time for a longer lifespan and optimal performance.

Logout of Apple or iCloud Account

You should sign out of iCloud if your iPhone keeps asking for a password. Nobody can deny that this is an iCloud & Apple ID problem, and you cannot resolve it without getting rid of it for the time being. You can sign-in to the account immediately, and the error should not persist. However, I do recommend following the next solution, if you believe someone else is sharing your account.

  • Open the “Settings” and click on your name or your Apple account in the Settings.
  • Swipe the screen to the bottom and tap on “Sign out” to finish the process.

Leave the device without Apple ID and iCloud for 10 minutes. You can sign-in to the account by following the same process, and it should be a traditional process that doesn’t require additional instructions. Make sure to backup personal data to iCloud before acting because I don’t want the readers to lose data while implementing it.

Change your Apple ID Account Password

As I have mentioned before, the iPhone keeps changing passwords directly related to your Apple account. Change the password of the Apple account from the iCloud.com website, and it will solve the problem. However, I want the readers to keep in mind that if you were using the same Apple ID on multiple devices. You have to input the new password on the iPad, iPhone, and other devices.

  • Go to the Apple ID official website and enter the credentials of your account.
  • I have enabled two-factor authentication, so you have to check your phone to allow and receive the Apple ID Verification Code.
  • Remember the Apple ID Verification Code in your mind.
  • Now, paste the Apple ID Code in the browser, and the Apple website will redirect the user to the account settings.
  • You have to scroll down, find “Security,” and that’s where you have to click on “Change Password” to begin the process.
  • Change the password that you can remember and use a combination that no one can predict.

Now, it is your choice whether you want to sign-out of the devices and websites. I would have done it because that will encourage my other devices to progress naturally.

Final Resort: Reset All Settings

IOS is a refined mobile software that is dominating the smartphone industry. However, iOS software is prone to software corruption and wrong configuration, which is a common problem that I faced a few months back. You can solve the problem by resetting the device.

Bottom Line

The last resort would be Restore iOS and Update iOS version, and that’s what I did later on to solve most of the software-related problems. You can solve iPhone keeps asking for Apple ID password problems by the following solutions that I have provided in this tutorial. Let us know which solution worked for you in the comment section below.

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  1. Hi Nurdin,

    I had the issue for quite some time and the reason was due to Screen Time was on. Turned off Screen Time and solved the issue. Hope you can share this tips too and avoid users to change their password or reset their settings

    • Same as Anonymous post.
      Bug in iOS14 that if Screentime is on, and even with settings in Screentime saying to “not require”, it will ask for a PW for every app you update


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