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How to delete iCloud Email Account Permanently

An iPhone or iPad connected to the iCloud account and have credentials can delete the iCloud account. The same deletion instructions apply to iPod devices. Apple software developing made the device easy to use, and they designed the eco-system more accessible. Due to several privacy threats and security loopholes, big-time companies stopped providing advanced options on the phone. Everyone has to go through roundabout methods to delete the account. Apple made it even difficult for some odd reason, and I will explain it later on.

Millions of people around the world aware of the iPhone or iPad, but they don’t understand iOS + macOS eco-system. iCloud is cloud storage similar to Microsoft Cloud, DropBox, Google Drive, etc. However, iCloud is one account for MacBook, iMac, iPhone, iPad, WatchOS, and iPod.

You can access messages on the iPhone using a MacBook computer. Save personal data on cloud storage, and Apple ensures the privacy of the customers. The entire company builds around protection, secure connection, and privacy protected accounts.

Overall, the iCloud account is a powerful tool that secures devices, store personal data, and maintains privacy. Using multiple accounts is not recommended by Apple because there are many penetrators that can take advantage of loopholes.

Consequences: What happens after deleting the iCloud Account?

As a writer and iPhone device owner, I have to inform the readers about the consequences of permanently delete iCloud account. I don’t want the readers to experience the loss that comes from removing the account. I have mentioned the number of problems that you have faced after deleting the account and bear this in mind.

Store: Apple servers will delete app store information including iTunes Store, Apple Books, and App Store purchases information.

Media Files: Using the account for storage purposes? The server is directed to delete Documents, Photos, Videos, and more permanently.

Communication Accounts: Apple offers unique services such as iMessage, FaceTime, and iCloud mail, and they are subjected to get deleted during the process.The account will be deleted permanently, and nobody can access the account anymore. Remember, you won’t be able to access iTunes, App Store, Apple Books, Apple Pay, iCloud, Find My iPhone (listed devices will be deleted & unlocked), and more. You can go through the FAQ for further information on the process.

Delete Permanently iCloud Account from Computer

Note down security questions & answers and remember account credentials for this process to work. I added 4 securities questions and answers because that’s the requirement of the iCloud account. You need the credentials to access advanced options and an active connection. The web-application creates a secure connection and buys enough time for Apple servers to understand the behaviour of the user to detect suspicious activity.

  • Accept the privacy policy of the iCloud to continue.
  • The website will redirect the user to the dashboard and then click on “Account Settings” to continue.
  • Enter the answers for the security questions, and you can reset the question. Of course, it is a lengthy process that is for another day, so I will not be covering it.
  • Tap on “Manage Your Data and Privacy” to continue.
  • The next page requires confirmation to access the advanced settings and enter the credentials to delete the account.
  • Again, Apple will ask two security questions to the registered users, so complete them to continue further.
  • Click on “Request to delete the account”, and the user will be redirected to another page.
  • Scroll the mouse wheel down to the bottom and give an appropriate reason for deleting the account, and then click on “Continue” to complete the process.

The registered users can deactivate the iCloud account temporarily. Nobody can regain access to the content and log in using the credentials until or unless you are willing to activate it again. Reactivation requires a recovery email address and registered phone number.

Remember, the above tutorial guides the readers to delete the account permanently. Nobody recommends the registered users to get rid of the account without proper backing up the data. You cannot recover stored data whatsoever because Apple servers will shred the data.

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