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How to change iMessage number on iPhone and iPad

Maybe the time has come to change iMessage number, and the carrier might have upset you. Many carriers are offering 5G networks at affordable monthly pricing, and you are planning to switch. iMessage is connected to the Apple ID and phone, but you can always swap the SIM card and change the number without issues. Of course, Apple added enough features on the iOS mobile operating system, so you can continue communicating on FaceTime and iMessage using the updated mobile number.

How to change iMessage from email to Phone number on iPhone?

The instructions support iOS 10 and the latest iOS 14 version.

  • Take out the SIM card from the tray. You can find the SIM injecting tool inside the original box.
  • It’s time to turn off iMessage and FaceTime to switch mobile numbers. Tap on the settings icon, and scroll down until “Messages” shows up on the screen and tap on it.
  • Go back, and then search for FaceTime settings, and then turn it off.
  • Switch off the phone, and then swap the SIM cards.
  • The new phone number should reflect on the iMessage. You can confirm the changes by going to the Settings > Phone > My Number.
change imessage number

The time has come to enable iMessage and FaceTime. Follow the above instructions to enable both services, and the new number should reflect.

The texting platform is connected to the Apple servers, and it will send & receive a confirmation SMS in the background. Of course, you cannot keep an eye on it because it occurs in the background. The newly added number may not process in the first place, and there are several contributing factors to it. I recommend the readers to wait for a while and reboot the device for a fresh start.

Bottom Line

A little patience is required to change iMessage number on the new device, and make sure that the SIM is severed all connections with the old machine. The solution extracted from an Apple expert so that nothing can go wrong, and your patience is required.

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