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Apple HomePod is now on sale in India and you can’t buy it here’s why

Apple launched HomePod in the Indian market for Rs.19,900 that is cheaper compared to the US price point. Thousands of Indian consumers were waiting for the product to arrive in the Indian market but South Asia had to wait for a while due to global launch initiative difficulties.

For those who don’t know, HomePod is equivalent to Amazon Echo, Google Home, Sonos, and others. Apple invented Siri voice command and they already have implemented it successfully in an iPhone, iPad, and other supported devices. The company wanted to dominate the “Voice Command” smart speaker market and introduced premium Apple HomePod in the homeland for $299.

It is indeed a surprise that Apple dropped the price from $299 to $262 (Approx 19900 INR) for Indian consumers. Especially when you compare the pricing standpoint with other Apple products such as iPhone SE 2nd generation is priced at $399 in the USA, but it is available for $564 or Rs.42,500 in India.

The high-fidelity audio production speaker will have complications to reach retailers on-time. The COVID-19 cases are drastically increasing and decreasing in many states, and the fate of the lockdown is unknown as of now.

Since electronic goods are not considered as essential products such as Apple HomePod, that’s why you won’t be able to get your hands on the premium speaker anytime soon. However, several state government leaders are implementing relaxation in green zones amidst the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

Nevertheless, the majority of states are going to continue lockdown and do not expect the product to be available in your region anytime soon. Apple cannot start shipping the HomePod to nearby authorized stores because the lockdown rule applies to the manufacturers, retailers, and sellers across the country.

What about online shopping websites?

Even Amazon, Flipkart, and other online stores are currently holding orders as they are focusing on shipping essential product delivery only. I’m happy that big-time players like Amazon and Flipkart are working towards building a healthier community during an adverse situation.

Overall, Apple HomePod is available in India to purchase, but it is expected to be available in nearby retail stores by the end of May 2020.

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