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iPhone 12 Leaks Pricing Specification and Release date

The pandemic situation slowed-down companies and forced them to change plans, and Apple is one of those businesses. Apple already delayed iPad Pro this year to focus on iPhone 12 and iOS 14 release, either in an online event or public event. iPhone 12 pricing leaks already made it to the public platform and it is considered as a rumor, but it could be accurate information as sources suggest.

Apple is planning to launch multiple devices this year, and we don’t have official names to it. However, the recent leaks suggest that there’s going be 5.4-inches (codename D52G), 6.1-inches (codename D53G), 6.1-inches (D53P) and 6.7-inches (codename D54P) phones in an upcoming release. Apple does not want to increase the pricing anymore and wants to offer affordable devices for the consumers to tackle COVID-19 losses.

  • iPhone 12: The 5.4-inches variant is priced somewhere $649 – $699.
  • iPhone 12: The 6.1-inches variant starts from $749 from the shelves.
  • iPhone 12 Pro: The 6.1-inches (upgradeable) variant costs $999 or $1000.
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max: The 6.7-inches, is the high-end variant, in terms of specifications will come at $1099 or $1100.

It’s good to know that

Source: Front Tech Page, CEO, Jon Prosser.

The flow of the smartphone already shifted to 5G connectivity in the United States of America. Apple cannot afford to lose to the consumer demands as Android device manufacturers already bundled the phones with 5G network technology. According to the leaks, iPhone 12 series phones are 5G enabled, and none of the models are missing the latest connectivity technology.

Furthermore, the Cupertino-based company is not going to charge a premium for 5G network-enabled devices and treated as a modern necessary feature. I do believe that the 5G network is going to take a long time to be available around the globe, but Apple iPhones are indeed future proof, so it’s worth the price.

Apple shipped LCD Screen in XR edition disappointed the reviewers, but the output impressed the consumers. The company already shifted to OLED Display in the 12th edition, which is much brighter and appealing to the naked human eye. Unlike XR edition, none of the consumers have to worry about low-resolution (720p) display in upcoming devices. Again, I have to point out that Apple is not charging a premium for OLED Display.

I think Apple ditched a single-camera set up in the 2020 edition. Whereas, 5.4-inches iPhone 12 (D52G) integrated with twin-camera setup, meanwhile, 6.1-inches iPhone 12 (D53G) bundled with a similar camera system under $750 budget.

However, Apple stepped up the game by offering a triple-camera setup in 6.1-inches iPhone 12 Pro (D53P) and 6.7-inches iPhone 12 Pro Max (D54P) with LiDAR technology. Apple was working on AR (Augmented Reality) for a very long time to add virtual objects and environments in real-time and it was implemented on iPad Pro 2020 edition. It was speculated to be available in the 12th edition of iPhones.

I do believe that Apple won’t mind releasing the smartphone in an online event if they don’t receive permission from the Government to hold public launch events. Apple already proved it by launching iPhone SE 2020 online. The historical data suggests that Apple will launch the iPhone 12 series by the end of September 2020.

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