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How to Get a Refund on iCloud Storage

Apple decided to offer refund options for the additional storage opted consumers, who canceled the subscription and transfer the remaining amount depending on the usage. We have already shown you how you can cancel the subscription and you cannot claim the refund immediately. There are certain circumstances for the consumers to understand and then you will be able to follow up the process.

  1. Apple will refund your money within 30 days of the period.
  2. Your purchase should be below 90 days old, and Apple does not initiate the refund process if you purchased the extra storage 90 days ago. Of course, you have the option to cancel the plan and downgrade to 5GB (free storage).
  3. The cancellation option is available for monthly plan users and annual plan users. Your Apple ID purchase history contains the information and calculates the rest of the amount yourself.
  4. Always sign-in to the Apple ID that you have used to make the payment, otherwise, you might end up having complications. Overall, double-check, if you are using a family member’s account or individual account.
  5. Apple does make mistakes, and no one can blame the company. The manufacturer added a dedicated page to ask for a refund from the official website.

How to Report if your iCloud Storage Refund has not been received

  • Go to the Apple Refund page. Sign in with your iCloud account by entering the correct credentials.
  • Your iPhone or iPad will receive a message and you have to tap on “Allow” to continue.
  • Check the verification code from the phone and type in the web browser to confirm the identity.
  • Find the service or application from the list, and then tap on “Report a problem.”
  • Now, choose the problem, and summarize your request, and then click on “Submit” to send the Apple team.

Apple team takes 24-hours of the period to check in to your account, and reply. Remember, they will initiate the refund, if you are eligible. The team will inform you via email and make sure to check it out after 24-hours of the period.

Apple cannot proceed to transfer the funds and you might receive an error on the screen. Make sure to update the payment information because the dedicated team will use the provided information to wire the funds. 

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