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How to access Hotmail Inbox on iOS, Android, and PC

Millions refresh Hotmail inbox to check unread emails, and there are multiple ways to do it. Hotmail is a two-decade-old email service that has connected millions of users around the world. Microsoft is the parent company, who owns the domain and rest of the digital property.

The email service took a drastic change from time to time due to evolving internet market and users requirements. The American-based email service has evolved a lot, and it is no longer what it was a decade ago. We are going to show you how you can access your Hotmail inbox on multiple devices.

What is the difference between MSN, Hotmail, and Outlook?

I always felt that Microsoft launched too many services that have left several newbies in confusion. Allow me to break down each service, so you can comprehend what they are and why were they launched in the first place.

MSN is a website launched in 1995 to serve Windows users and provide services through it. However, the MSN concept changed due to evolving industry, and now it serves to feed the latest local and international news with weather reports.

Outlook is an upgrade of Hotmail, which Microsoft introduced in 2012. The Redmond-based software company decided to scrap the historic email service because of the evolving industry.

Now, you know the history of three prominent services in the internet industry.

How to access Hotmail inbox on PC?

Smartphones and tablets have become a new way to connect with the digital world and exchange emails on portable devices. The technology limitations reflect on Android and iOS devices, and they couldn’t replace desktops/laptops.

Millions of users exchange emails on a desktop or laptop, and it doesn’t matter, if you are using Windows, Linux, or Mac computer. Allow us to show you how you can access your Hotmail inbox from a PC.

  • Open desktop-class browser, and you can choose Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Edge.
  • Go to Hotmail/Outlook page and click on the “sign-in” page.
  • Enter the email address associated with the account to continue.
  • Enter the password and then click on “Sign in” to continue.
  • Wait a few moments, and you will be redirected to the Hotmail inbox.

Any desktop-class browser would do the job, and you don’t need an MS Edge browser to access Microsoft Outlook or Hotmail.

How to view Emails in Hotmail Inbox on Android and iOS?

Microsoft developed a dedicated app for Android and iOS devices, and you can install them on your smartphone or tablet to access Hotmail inbox. Allow me to demonstrate the process, and I’m using an iPhone in this case.

  • Install the Microsoft Outlook app from App Store or Play Store.
  • Enter the email address and then tap on the “Add Account” button.
  • A small inbuilt browser will pop up on the screen.
  • Enter the password and then click on “Sign in” to continue.
  • Let the inbuilt browser communicate with the servers and confirm the action.
  • Here’s where you can add another account, but I chose to pass on this time. Tap on “Maybe Later” to continue.
  • You will have an option on the screen to display notifications or not. I chose “No Thanks” and continued.
  • All emails will load on your smartphone, and you should give a minimum of a minute or so.
  • Outlook app took ten seconds to load the email because it was the first time.

Your email app will take time to load the emails because it will connect to the internet and then load email content. Speed and performance depend on the device processing power and software optimization. Emails will load faster, and the app will snappier in a couple of days.

Bottom Line

We have to thank Microsoft for allowing the users to choose Hotmail or Outlook for the email ending domain. The Outlook app works flawlessly on Android Tablet and Apple iPad series devices, so you can access Hotmail inbox on a tablet as well.

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