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Apple AirPods Pro keeps falling out from the ears while running

Apple AirPods Pro keeps falling out from the ears while running or even when using it casually. The Cupertino-based manufacturer launched the modern wireless earphones for music lovers, who are depending on third-party brands to supply earphones with ear-tips technology. Apple took a long time to introduce ear-tipped technology in the earphones, and the market is covered with similar products for a decade now. Fortunately, we have AirPods Pro, but they do have fitting problems for many music lovers, and we cannot ignore it. One cannot enjoy music without feeling comfortable while working out or while relaxing. Let us look at several things that you can do to resolve falling AirPods Pro.

Try Spare Silicone Ear-tips

Every manufacturer in the world bundles extra ear-tips in the bundle, and Apple did the same. You can grab the box that you got after the purchase that should have extra tips in it. Customers get extra tips in the box, where one is on the AirPods Pro, and the rest of the four are available in the box separately. Apple surveyed to find out the most-common ear size and applied it in the earphones. You can choose a spare ear-tips that fit the ear canal size and find out what is working for you. Of course, you do have other choices that we have mentioned below to get rid of Apple AirPods that keep falling out from the ears.

Buy Premium Memory Foam Ear-tips

Thousands of Apple customers are purchasing premium memory foam tips at Amazon because they are changing the landscape. Customers have reasons to buy third-party premium foam tips, but we are trying to purchase them for those, who have different ear canal sizes. The material is slow to rebound sponge, so it won’t fall off easily and will stay in one place for a long period. The manufacturer used premium memory foam in the process so you can get double comfort. The product sits well with AirPods Pro and won’t have fitting issues in the charging case. Millions of consumers choose Apple because they love the premium aspect of it, and that’s where premium made foam ear-tips won’t disappoint you.

Modded Silicone Tips

You can spend a few minutes to choose an additional memory foam ear-tip and then work around the existing eat-tips that you got from Apple. Thousands of AirPods Pro customers are complaining about the fitting, but you can strengthen the earphone tips using the modded version. Do not panic because there is no rocket science going on here, and you can do it yourself. Federico Viticci from Mac Stories has explained it, where you can add a layer behind the tips. You have to purchase additional ear-tips from other brands, and you can choose colors like green, pink, blue, orange, etc. Give the new layer a color that will reflect in the design, and it looks decent. You have to compromise on the cleaner look, but customers get a unique color scheme in the process.

Apple Return Policy

You can read the return policy on the official website, where Apple stated that you can return the product within 14-days from the purchase.

Amazon: You can return the product within a 24-hours/10 days replacement policy.

Apple Store: You can return the product within 14 days of the purchase date.

Walmart: You can return the product within 30 days of the purchase date.

Best Buy: You can return the product within 15 days of the purchase date.

Readers have options on the table, but you should conduct a little bit of research on the policy because it might be different in regions outside of the USA.

Bottom Line

There is a lack of first-party alternatives, but you can use third-party solutions to prevent Apple AirPods Pro from falling out from the ears. Apple will address the situation in upcoming models, but they did not announce it officially. The American manufacturer is working towards making the overall experience premium so they will come up with an innovative solution. Readers can check out the local store or online store for alternatives from third-party until Apple drops a new lineup in the distant future.

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