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Solved: Why is my AirPods and AirPods case not charging?

It is a headache when AirPods not charging and you don’t have any prior knowledge on the subject. Apple-designed the wireless earphones using premium components available in the world.

AirPods not fully charging evenly

Apple may have optimized iOS to support the latest wireless earphones, but it does have known bugs & glitches. You are experiencing a known bug, which does not let the AirPods charge at 100%. Fortunately, you can solve the problem by resetting the wireless product, and it will remove the old configuration.

  • Take out the AirPods from the ears and place them back in the charging case.
  • Go to “Settings” and then click on “Bluetooth” to continue.
  • Find your wireless device in the list and then tap on the (i) button.
  • Tap on “Forget This Device” and confirm the action by tapping on “Remove Device”.
  • Double-check if the earphones are in the case and then find a round button behind the charging case. Press & hold the setup button until pure yellow chroma color flashes.
  • Wait for a minute and then pair the wireless device with a smartphone.

AirPods should be able to charge up to 100%, and this should not persist in the future. Apple is launching new firmware for wireless technology, but they are not perfect, so connect the device to the internet for up-to-date updates.

AirPods case not charging

Apple wireless earphones have entered the market a few years back, and many consumers don’t know how to use it. There are two possible reasons why your earphones are not charging, and you can solve it by following the methods.

A) Charging Case Battery:

There is a reason why a charging case is added to the bundle because your AirPods should be present in the case for it to charge. However, your charging case has a 398 mAh battery in it, which requires charging. Yes, you have to plug the case into the power or else, it won’t charge the earphones.

B) Neatness:

Do not assume that AirPods are waterproof because they aren’t. Apple advertised them as sweat & dust resistance, but they can handle weather whatsoever. You should maintain the wireless device health and clean the charging points from time-to-time. Small dust particles can create connection problems, which is a common issue in modern technology. Grab a pressurized air machine and remove dust particles lingering in the device.

You have to maintain the AirPods and keep an eye on the case, whether it is running out of juice or can continue for many days to come.

Clean Charging Points

The Cupertino-based manufacturer approached modern technology to eliminate old ways and focus on the next-gen charging technology. Apple introduced charging points in the earphones so it can attach to the case. You have to clean the points in the wireless earphones, which takes one or two seconds. However, you should not use regular methods because the company did not design it for brute usage.

  • Pick up a soft & thin micro-fiber cloth and try to clean it.
  • You can use an air blower machine in the process, which is the safest option, in our opinion. If you are using a hairdryer then we suggest you maintain the distance as it also releases heat along with the air.

Do not use sharp objects like toothpicks, which can damage the internal, and Apple won’t repair the damage. We suggest air blowers as they use the wind to remove dust particles, and it has been an effective solution so far. We have seen internet shenanigans using a soft brush in the process, and we don’t recommend it to anyone.

Clean Charging Case Compartment

The AirPods come with an additional case, which is the charging compartment. You have to maintain the neatness of the housing because it is prone to dust. You can blame Apple for making it dustproof & waterproof and you can clean it using a microfiber cloth.

The charging case may not able to make contact with the charging points which is a common issue. The metal contacts made out of high-quality material but it is prone to dust, which makes it harder to create a contact.

  • Pick up a dry & thin cloth to clean the housing including the internals.
  • Air blower is another viable option as it utilizes high-pressurized air to remove dust from the compartment.

Do not use any other methods as it can damage the internals and end up having a lot of scratches. Do not use a soft brush or air blowers that release hot air, even from a good distance. Do not scratch the charging points as it can damage the metal structure.

Change Charging your Cable

Don’t get surprised if the charging cable is no longer working because it is a common problem.

  • Purchase a cable from the official Apple store for $19.
  • You can purchase Amazonbasics (MFI Certified) charging cable for $10 from the store.

We don’t recommend the consumers opt-in for $1 cables as they may damage the charging case, which will impact the wireless earphones. Thousands of consumers are complaining that AirPods are dying and Apple is not doing anything about it.

Apple AirPods Repair Service

If something goes wrong during the warranty then the Apple service center will cover the expenses. If the wireless unit suffered intentional damages then you have to pay for it, and the pricing models differ for regular customers & AppleCare+ customers. The American manufacturer is charging a lot of money to repair the unit.

Bottom Line

Follow the solutions to fix when AirPods won’t charge and avoid using brute force or crazy solutions. Book an appointment with Apple Service Center if you think that the unit has hardware-level issues because you can claim a warranty.

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