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Facebook Redesigned Dark Mode is available in desktop mode

Facebook introduced the BETA version a few months back to put the redesign in action. The social media giant did not update the base design since it was introduced to the world and remained the same for 16 years. The redesign came out with Dark Mode, which had limitations that were not good enough to meet modern standards. However, FB users didn’t complain as it was in the development phase.

Last month, Facebook announced Messenger Rooms, where registered users can communicate and add up to 50 participants. Meanwhile, WhatsApp and Instagram will come in handy in creating, inviting, and joining options within the application. The Messenger Rooms and Dark Mode is a good combination.

The company said that they wanted to build a stable version for desktop-class users and it offers one-click enable and disable the feature. Facebook is spoken about bringing new features and stability on multiple devices, operating systems, and applications, but the team comes to senses that desktop-class facebook interface has fallen behind.

The new dark mode option has rolled out recently, and it is available globally, but it would take some time for the social media giant to implement the feature across the world. I have double-checked the feature available on an updated version of Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. The option might not be available for you as of now, and I’m on that list as well.

The dark mode is not available on a classic design, and you have to switch to a new design to use it and make use of the lower light viewing. The improvised design brings a pure dark layer across the platform, which decreases glare and eye-stress.

You can enable the Dark Mode feature on Facebook by following the simple instructions.

  • Tap on the drop-down arrow located at the top right side.
  • Click on “Switch to New Facebook” to visit the new design.
  • Now, select “Dark Mode” from the options.

All-new facebook dark mode brings immersive layout and delightful experience for individuals. You can watch gaming videos and live steam content in dark mode and it will help the viewers to watch the stream for a longer period. You should be able to see the dark mode option in a few days, and delays are occurring due to the pandemic situation.

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