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Apple Watch Stuck on the Apple Logo? Fix it by 4 solutions

It’s not uncommon for Apple Watch stuck on the Apple logo sequence, and it happens on iPhone, iPad, and even Mac computers. The Cupertino-based company did provide enough functions to bring the device back to life. However, it does come at a cost, such as losing data or starting the device from scratch. Every Apple user has faced the boot logo sequence at least once in a lifetime. Nonetheless, you don’t have to panic over it until or unless it is a hardware-level issue. Let us go through the software-based solutions and find out whether this is a software error or something deeper than we concluded earlier.

Restart Apple Watch

A quick restart does help the Apple Watch to end the session and dump previous session data. Keep in mind that watchOS is not perfect and known bugs & glitches tend to come in the way from now and then.

  • Press and hold the Apple Watch side button.
  • The “Power Off” slider shows up on the screen.
  • Toggle the power off button right side to turn it off.
  • Let the Watch turn off and wait for two minutes.
  • Turn on the Watch by pressing and holding the side button until the Apple logo shows up on the screen.

In rare cases, a quick restart resolves the Apple boot logo sequence but it doesn’t go away with a straightforward approach. Do not feel stampede as it doesn’t resolve the problem in most cases, and apply the next solution.

Force Restart

Your Watch is in a boot loop, and in such cases, you don’t have access to the software. Every Apple device has a force restart action embedded in the hardware, and it will work, regardless of the current software state.

The Watch will force the software to force restart and won’t get bothered by the ongoing software-related issues. Force reboot is a powerful command that pushes the watchOS to override all bugs & glitches. Do not assume that it has destroyed the software or hardware because it doesn’t have destructive power.

Reset Apple Watch

Resetting the Apple device is the worst-case scenario. The watchOS has the reset option equipped in it that will erase the entire device and bring it to the new state. Everything will be erased including configuration, connections, saved data, apps, customized settings, app settings, and more. If a custom configuration is causing the software error, then it will have vanished after the reset.

  • Press & hold the Side button and Digital Crown at the same time.
  • Release Side button and Digital Crown, when the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  • Wait a moment (two seconds interval) and then follow the next step immediately.
  • Press & hold the Side button and Digital Crown again for twenty seconds.
  • Release Side button and Digital Crown, when “Erase all content and settings” shows up on the screen.
  • Tap the red button and let watchOS reset the device.

The official developers designed the watchOS to create a backup while wiping the storage. You can repair the software, when setting up the Watch and restore the data from the backup.

Reach Out Service Center

Do not hesitate to reach out to the Apple service center, if none of the solutions work out in your case.

We did have a similar case, where the Apple boot loop was imminent, and later found out that it was a motherboard problem. A chip-level failure could be irreparable, and you should claim the warranty at Apple Service Center.

The company does replace the product if it is in an irreparable stage.

Final Words

Solving Apple Watch stuck on the Apple logo sequence is a challenging task. An under-warranty Apple device will get a replacement if it has logic board failure or is in an irreparable stage. We don’t recommend the Apple Watch owners seek assistance from third-party repair stores and even if you choose one, then be careful.

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