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How to Use Snapseed on PC using MeMu Emulator

Snapseed for PC is a common request of the majority of the Windows consumers around the world. Many thought that there’s going to be Snapseed online service, but it was an apparent rumor. Millions of people are looking for a way to create attractive thumbnails, edit photos, and create a new picture from scratch.

About Snapseed : Everything You Need to Know

Snapseed is an Android application and it lands on photo editing category in the stores. Google LLC developed the application for the masses, and it offers a great number of features.

You can find advanced features in it, which is missing in several applications nowadays. The Google official developers are working behind the scenes to ensure quality + stability.

Snapseed is not available on Windows PC and Mac OS X computers. Google LLC doesn’t want to create a PC version because the sole purpose of a photo editor is to promote the Android. Currently, Android is blessed with the application, and the iOS smartphone has no alternative either.

10 Features Of Snapseed That Everyone Likes

Taking a quick look at the number of features available in the latest version is not going to hurt. Learning about the latest developments in the area can reinvent an idea.

  1. The word “advanced” promises essential features such as HDR, Brush, Healing, Structure, etc. Fortunately, there are 29 tools and filters available in the Snapseed, which is enough to create beautiful pictures.
  2. The application designed to recognize Android camera taken pictures. In short, it can realize a wide range of RAW files and JPG.
  3. There is a function, which allows the users to save personal settings to apply on future pictures.
  4. The Snapseed supports multiple screen size, which does not affect brush precision.
  5. Tuning a dull image is no longer an issue on a smartphone. There are automatic & manual tuning features with precision.
  6. The package includes basic functions such as Tweaking, Tuning, Crop, Resize, and more.
  7. Natural looking is not possible with budget phones nowadays, and you can display photography skill using Snapseed.
  8. Clicking a decent picture in a crowd is a different task, but creators can remove an individual from a group photo.
  9. Old Android phones do not have bokeh mode in it, but the “background softening” feature can blue the background in a moment.
  10. Usually, a quick click might end up a disaster, but you can fix the dimension using three dimension models.

Google outdid with Android Snapseed application. The advanced application cannot replace a thumbnail maker though, but it is an advanced photo editor to correct photos.

How to get Snapseed on Windows PC with MeMu Emulator

Above, I have mentioned that MeMu is my daily driver for trying out new Android Apps and Games. In case, if you are trying out something else, then suit yourself. However, the instructions remain the same on traditional emulators in the web market today.

1) Launch the Memu Android Player and then open the Play Store.

MeMu Player

2) Type “Snapseed” in the search bar and then click on the search icon.

3) The first result shows up on the screen developed by Google LLC and tap on it to proceed.

4) Click on install button appearing on the screen, and in a few moments, the application shows up on the drawer.

get Snapseed using Memu Emulator

5) Launch the app from the menu.

Use Snapseed on Windows

In a few clicks, anyone can start editing photos from scratch and then move on to advanced methods.

Bottom Line

I have shown a few emulators to start test driving them. The environment utilized in simulators resemblances Android tablet user-interface, and it doesn’t take more than ten minutes to master the controls. Start exploring Android tablet version on a Windows PC and Snapseed for PC is no longer a complicated task.

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