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OnePlus Z budget-oriented phone specifications, release date and more

OnePlus One launched at $300 price bracket and fast-forward today, 8th series costs $900. The brand launched a super-budget phone called OnePlus X, which was a cheaper option for budget-tight consumers.

In 2020, the Chinese brand is planning to bring OnePlus Z or OnePlus 8 Lite for the consumers, who are looking for a cheaper option. The brand is launching a phone similar to iPhone SE (2020), which will have decent specifications and worth every penny.

OnePlus proved that they can bundle a high-end phone under $500. The recent leak does not reveal information on the specifications but we can speculate it using historical data.

The company always had a smartphone that runs the Android operating system smoothly with the help of Snapdragon high-end processor. The brand might choose the older generation high-end Snapdragon processor or they may ditch it to minimize further costs. I do think that OnePlus will shift to flagship-grade MediaTek processor to cut the costs, and maximize the profits. Of course, you won’t miss 5G connectivity in the “Z” edition.

OnePlus has always been average in the camera department. There will be a triple-camera setup that performs according to the competition. I’m not expecting much from OnePlus to bring flagship-grade performance in the camera department, but I am expecting improvements compared to the previous generations.

The Chinese brand is planning to launch the budget-oriented phone to dominate the market, and that’s not possible without a higher refresh rate display. The 90Hz Display is a gimmick because most of the applications and games don’t support refresh rate above 60Hz, but it’s a marketing gimmick. OnePlus is extremely good at bundling modern technology in budget phones, and this time around, 90Hz Display is a possibility.

The fast-charging is an important factor in 2020 and manufacturers are bundling faster-charger in the box. The “Z” edition will support 18W Warp Charge or 30W Warp Charge in the box. However, I don’t think that the Chinese brand will support wireless charging to lower the manufacturing cost and provide the phone under a budget.

According to the recent leaks, OnePlus is planning to launch the “Z” edition by July of 2020. OnePlus X launched in 2016 to dominate the market in the budget-oriented phone category, and the “Z” edition costs $399 – $499 in the global market.

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