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How to turn on and use Find My iPhone and iPad in iOS 15

Apple device owners can turn on and turn off Find My iPhone or iPad in the iOS 15 software. You should know the right way to do it to avoid problems later down the line and prevent unauthorized people from changing the setting. The Cupertino-based company worked on the software part, so they can help you in recovering the lost device. Let me show you how to turn on, turn off and use Find My on the iOS device.

What is the iPhone app “Find My”?

Apple ID plays a crucial role in the ecosystem, and that’s how they can synchronize AirPods, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Watch, etc. iCloud, on the other hand, takes over the software from providing sustainable backup system to recovering the lost device.

Find My is part of the iCloud security system, which allows the users to locate the lost iOS device. iCloud is not easy to remove without Apple Service Center assistance.

If you have enabled “Find My iPhone” or “Find My iPad”, then the thief cannot utilize the machine without Apple ID linked with iCloud services. Let me clear a few doubts, so you never have to worry about loopholes in the lost device finder feature.

  • Find My is a system default app, so there is no chance of deletion.
  • The Find App service is linked with iCloud, so an unauthorized individual cannot remove it without a password or other biometric security access.
  • Find My works with the internet.

Turn on the internet on the iOS device. I will show you how to turn on, and turn off the Find My along with how to use it when you lose the device.

How does Apple Find My iPhone and iPad works?

It is a combination of hardware and software, but it is part of the ecosystem, which is the contributing reason why it works flawlessly.

  • Find My requires an internet connection.
  • Access all devices in one place with Apple ID.
  • GPS is utilized to track the location and keep the device located posted.
  • It will save the last known location or find the current location if the device is active.
  • Find My is an iCloud feature.
  • It is available on iPhone, Mac, iPad, etc.

This feature utilizes GPS technology to track the device location and provide directions using Apple Maps app. You don’t need an additional Apple device to track it down and login into the iCloud website to find its current or last known location.

How to turn on Find my iPhone or iPad in iOS 15

Connect iOS 15 devices to a Wi-Fi network or stable internet network.

  • Open the Settings and tap Apple ID.
  • Find and tap the “Find My” option to continue.
iOS 15 Find My Feature
  • Click “Find My iPhone/iPad” to continue.
  • Tap “Find My iPhone/iPad” to turn it on.
  • Find My feature is enabled.

Don’t be surprised just because Apple didn’t ask for password confirmation. Enabling the security feature doesn’t require any confirmation at all since it is considered an essential part of the security measure.

How to turn off Find My Feature in iOS 15

Update iPhone and iPad to the latest iOS 15, but the instructions will remain the same on the previous two versions.

  • Open the “Settings” app.
  • Tap Apple ID.
  • Find and tap the “Find My” option to continue.
  • Tap “Find My iPhone/iPad” to continue.
  • Tap “Find My iPhone/iPad” to turn it off.
  • Enter the Apple ID password and tap on “Turn Off” to confirm the action.
  • Let Find My connect with Apple servers and confirm that you are trying to turn it off.
  • Find My iPhone/iPad turned off in your device.

Users have to connect the device to the internet, and the 4G or 3G network should suffice for the task. Remember, you should never share the Apple ID password with anyone because it is the ultimate solution to protect iOS devices.

How do I find the last location of my iPad or iPhone?

There are two ways to find out the last location of the Apple devices, including Mac, iPhone, and iPad. I have informed everyone that Find My require Apple ID, and they have added two different ways for Apple users to find out the location.

iOS Device:

  • Open the “Find My” app.
  • The app will locate the current or last known location and tap on the location.
  • The address is visible on the screen.
  • You can “Play Sound” or view “Directions” if it is active somewhere.
  • I played the sound, and the alert shows up on the screen.
  • You can “Mark As Lost” or “Erase This Device” to protect it from unauthorized use.

You can access multiple devices connected to the Apple ID, and locate the list device or find the last known location.

On Desktop Browser:

  • Go to the iCloud official website.
  • Enter Apple ID associated email address and press the “Enter” key.
  • Enter the password and then press the “Enter” key.
  • You either Trust the browser or select “Not Now”, which I did.
  • Click on the “Find My” icon.
  • Enter the Apple ID password to confirm the identity.
  • Click on the green bubble for more options.
  • Now, you got additional options on the screen.
    • Play Sound
    • Lost Mode
    • Erase iPhone

You can locate the iPad or iPhone, if it is lost in the house or somewhere nearby. Play the sound, and it will ring, even if all communication lines are turned off. Lost Mode will enable plenty of security features in the iOS device, and it will help you in tracking it. You can prevent data theft by erasing the iPhone.

Look Out for Email Notifications

Apple sends a confirmation notification to the registered email address. I implore everyone to keep the inbox active in the Android, Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc.

What if someone else turns off the “Find My” feature on the iOS device?

Several Apple device users ignore this fact, and they let the iOS device sit somewhere to watch.

A notification will be sent to the registered email, if “Find My” is disabled.

Apple will send an email if “Find My” features were used from another device or the browser.

You can keep an eye on what’s going on by adding Apple ID-associated recovery email.

Do not ignore it because it will play a crucial part in keeping yourself posted on the Apple ID activity.

Bottom Line

You can turn on, turn off, and use Find My in iPhone or iPad to locate the lost Apple device. I have shown you how to find the lost device location on an iOS device and browser. Never share your Apple ID credentials since it holds the keys to the iCloud system. Let us know how did you find the location of the iOS device in the comment section below.

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