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How to unlock disabled iPhone and iPad [Best Method Explained]

There are numerous ways you can unlock a disabled iPhone and iPad. iOS 15.0.2 is the latest offering from Apple and it has previous versions of security features. Anyone can forget the Lock Screen password and unlocking it using the wrong combination disables the device.

Your iPhone and iPad lock themselves, so it could prevent unauthorized users from accessing the contents. The device owner has nothing to worry about since you have multiple options available to remove it. Allow me to introduce you to multiple solutions that will get the iOS device out of disabled mode. Don’t use third-party tools to remove “iPhone is disabled”, just saying.

How to unlock a disabled iPad and iPhone?

Try hard to remember the password combination, and do not let the chance go.

The iOS software will allow the device owner to enter the password again, and you should take the chance when it is served on the silver platter. However, you should use the number of chances carefully since the limitation kicks in each time the wrong password is entered.

iPhone is disabled, try again in 1 minute

The duration for the next chance will keep on increasing in the next session, so do not try a new combination without consideration.

Charge the device to 100% and nothing less.

Your Mac or Windows PC requires an active internet connection, and it should be able to download up to 6GB.

Yes, I had a disabled iPhone 4, and I forgot the password combination on that day. I did not take enough time to remember the combination used in the past and I ended up locking it permanently. Unfortunately, I lost iPhone 4, and it ended up in the landfill.

How to unlock Disabled iPhone in Windows and Mac Computer

Let me show you the fastest way to remove the “iPhone is disabled” from your device. But, I want to share important notes about the process, so you don’t end up regretting it later on.

Almost every Apple device has iCloud service enabled in it, and it is essential to have Apple ID credentials.

Charge the iOS device up to 90% before proceeding.

Your iOS device will be erased in the process, and iCloud backup is the only way to restore the saved data. Unfortunately, Apple didn’t provide any backup solution for the device in the “Disabled” state to prevent data theft.

You need a Mac or Windows with the latest iTunes installed in it. The latest macOS Catalina or later software doesn’t need iTunes anymore since it is integrated into Finder.

Put your iOS device in Recovery Mode

Apple-designed Recovery Mode for such cases and fix the iOS device without complications. You have put the iOS device in Recovery Mode, so iTunes can re-install iOS software.

I’m happy to inform you that it is extremely easy to put an iOS device in Recovery Mode.

  • Turn off iPhone using the sleep/wake button.
  • Get the supported lighting cable.
  • Connect the lighting cable to PC/Mac.
  • Press & hold the Side button or Home button, while connecting the lighting cable to the iOS device.
  • Your iOS device has entered into Recovery Mode.

iTunes program should recognize the iOS device and its current state.

Restore Apple iPhone or iPad

You have to restore iPhone or install a new iOS update instead via iTunes. Apple’s PC suite will download the firmware from the servers and replace the existing software with the new one. Your device will be erased in the process, and you will get the device back in its original state. iCloud will restore the data later on, so data loss is minimized.

  • Open iTunes, and it will detect the device in Recovery Mode.
  • Click on the “Update” or “Restore” option.
  • Click “OK” to continue.
  • Click on iPhone or iPad icon and then click “Restore iPhone”.
  • Click “OK” to continue.
  • iTunes will download iOS software from the server.
  • The installation will begin after the iOS firmware is saved in local storage.
  • Your iPhone will reboot, and the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  • Monitor the progress bar and let it finish from 0% – 100%.
  • The welcome screen shows up.

You can set up the iPhone or iPad as a new device.

Of course, you can always restore the data via iCloud backup or old iTunes backup. But, you need Apple ID details to unlock the iPhone or iPad or else, it won’t work.

What’s next?

The worst-case scenario would be Apple Service Center, which has access to the tools and expertise to unlock a disabled iPhone and iPad. Of course, they won’t slap a hefty bill since it is a disabled iPhone and doesn’t have any hardware-related problems. Let us know what challenges you faced while unlocking a disabled iPhone in the comment section below.

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