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Solved: Weather Widget is not working properly in iOS 15?

The latest iOS software default apps do have bugs, and it is not a coincidence that the weather widget isn’t working on the device. There are many contributing reasons for the weather app to work normally, but the Apple developer team did work on the optimization. We are going to deal with weather app failures and see how we can fix it from time-to-time. We are going to address iOS 14 or earlier devices problems and solve the issues related to the older iOS versions as well. You should restart the device to end the previous and reboot if you have believed that there are software-related issues.

Check your iDevice Internet Connection

Weather app requires an active internet connection to pull updated forecast information. The latest iOS software connects to public weather networks and retrieves updated information. Your device should have an active internet connection. Fortunately, the weather app does not need high-speed internet, and 2G speeds are more than enough.

  • Open the “Settings”.
  • You have to decide how you want to connect to the internet, and we selected the home Wi-Fi network. Tap on Wi-Fi to access network points or carriers for 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G connections.
  • Tap to turn on the connectivity and wait for the access points to shows up.
  • We have tapped on the access point, then confirm the connection via password.

Our city air might be unhealthy, but your device is healthy and follow simple instructions for an up-to-date weather forecast.

Turn on or Enable Location Services on your iPhone

iOS 14 or earlier versions require location services to find out the device location using GPS and provide accurate information. The GPS will find out the device location, and then it will provide a weather forecast, and that’s how the device knows about your current location. You have to enable the services manually because Apple’s selling point is privacy, and they don’t keep it turned on without users’ consent.

  • Click on the “Settings” and tap on “Privacy” to continue.
  • Tap on “Location Services” to continue.
  • Click on the button to enable the services.
  • Find “Weather” among the settings and tap on it to access more options.
  • There are three options available at your command.
    • Never
    • While using the app
    • Always

You should select the second option “while using the app” for power management and privacy. You have turned on the location services for the weather app, and it won’t bother you again.

Select Location Points Manually

We have created two location points manually in the weather app long back because it’s useful and does not require location services in the first place. There are times we connect to the home Wi-Fi, but it is not present while traveling and then switch to office Wi-Fi after reaching the office. If you are in the middle of someplace and if you don’t have an internet connection, then you are doomed. Create a location point manually, and it will save two or three days of data at once.

  • In iOS 14, you have to find the app from the menu and then long-press the app for more options.
  • Now, tap on the “Edit Home Screen” which will reveal more options.
  • Tap on “Location.”
  • You can select the location manually, and it will be there as long as you want. Select your city name like Los Angeles, Hyderabad, Amsterdam, etc. The weather forecast is based on the cities in your country.

The new city/town/village is selected in the weather app, and it will update the information based on the saved location. You can remove or add multiple locations on the phone, and it will work smoothly on your iOS device.

Turn on Background App Refresh

iPhone & iPad let the users take a certain amount of control of the device. A background app refresh is an advanced option that allows the app to refresh the data and give you updated information. If you have turned off the option then it won’t display new data until or unless you open it manually.

  • Tap on the “Settings” and then “General”.
  • Swipe down and tap on “Background App Refresh” to continue.
  • Tap on “Background App Refresh” to continue.
  • You have three options in the section and choose one.
    • Off
    • Wi-Fi
    • Wi-Fi & Cellular or Wi-Fi & Carrier
  • Go back and tap on the “Weather” app button to enable the service.

Your device will allow the app to search for new updates in the background. Do not worry about the excess internet data usage and battery usage because it happens periodically, and this does not happen frequently.

Bottom Line

You have the option to reset all settings on iPhone & iPad and it may solve the weather widget not updating on the device. You should check the website because if it is facing server downtime, then it won’t work on the device as well.

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