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How to fix Netflix error code NW-2-5

Netflix error code NW-2-5 is a common error that annoyed millions. There is no service in existence that hasn’t encountered errors, and Netflix errors are one of them. We have addressed the issue and provided viable solutions, so you can start watching your favorite show on the most popular streaming platform.

What is the error code NW-2-5 on Netflix?

Every company adds a fancy name to the most common issues, and NW-2-5 is an internet connectivity problem. Your device is unable to reach Netflix servers, which is causing the app or service to fail. Almost everyone goes through internet connectivity issues from time to time, and it is similar to other internet connectivity errors.

It may seem identical, but the number of reasons contributing to the issue is vast, so the challenging part is to identify the root cause. Let us go through a few solutions, so you can continue streaming favorite shows on Netflix.

Restart your Wifi Router

The majority of the home wireless networks don’t get enough sleep time, which leads to faster hardware degradation. Yes, restless hardware is constantly working in the background, but it will start showing degradation symptoms by interrupting the internet connectivity.

  • Login into the router settings.
  • Find the “Reboot” option from the dashboard.
  • Let the router reboot. All connections will be disconnected, so do not panic.
  • The Wi-Fi router will restore all connections after the reboot.

Play any video in the Netflix app to check, whether the error code is persistent or not.

Get help from your internet service provider

Many Netflix users don’t face the error until or unless the ISP has a conflict with streaming. Many telecommunication companies and ISPs have contracts with brands, so they restrict streaming services due to an ongoing offer.

You should contact the ISP first and confirm that they did not block or ban the streaming in your package.

Many ISPs limits the bandwidth or adds a restriction to limit the usage, which is a common practice in many parts of the world.

Contact your ISP or carrier because they might have added a restriction or banned streaming in your plan.

Network Limit Exceeded

The majority of the devices are connected to the Wi-Fi network, and there is a limit on how many devices can connect to one network and utilize the internet services. Every router has several devices limit, and if your Wi-Fi network has hit that limit, and then it will discourage one or more connected devices.

You have to log in to the Wi-Fi router dashboard and monitor the connection. You can find the router’s login credentials on the rear side.

  • Open the browser and then the router IP address.
  • Enter the credentials and then click on “Login” to continue.
  • Every brand has designed the dashboard user interface differently, so you have to find out the function here.
  • Always check the “Wireless” section, and that’s where you will find all connected devices with Mac addresses.

I have been doing this in my TP-Link router and find out the connected devices list in the dashboard. You can block the devices from connecting, or you can change the password to prevent unnecessary devices from connecting again.

Wifi Signal

Several tasks require a strong Wifi signal to transmit the data.

I had Amazon TV Stick that doesn’t have a dedicated antenna built-in, which forces the Wi-Fi router to bring its best on the table.

A weak Wifi signal can prevent the app from downloading the video content, that you have NW-2-5 error on the screen.

  • You can relocate the router nearby the device, so the portable device won’t struggle to download the content over the air.
  • Shift the router in the room, where the device is located. I applied this suggestion in my case, and the TV Stick never had connectivity issues.
  • You can purchase a high-end router that can reach your device and eliminate the weaker signal problem.
  • You can switch to a LAN cable, which is a viable option considering that it feeds 98% of the internet speed to the device itself.

Many high-end routers are expensive, and it takes time to look for an ideal one and arrive at your doorstep.

Connect the device to modem

Several internet service providers take a roundabout method to provide a stable connection. First off, they use a LAN cable to reach your premise and provide a modem to create a connection. The modem doesn’t have Wi-Fi technology, so you have added a router later on.

If you are connecting to the internet via Wi-Fi and the entire setup is similar to what I have mentioned earlier, than you should consider connecting the device directly to mode.

There might be something that is conflicting with stream and eliminate the Wifi router.

  • Remove the LAN cable from the router.
  • Connect the LAN cable to your device.

Wait a few moments, and the internet will start working on your machine.

You can turn off the router and let it rest in the meanwhile.

You don’t have to change or modify the IP configuration because it is saved in the modem. However, do not remove the LAN cable from the modem because that won’t help at all.

Bottom Line

Netflix error code NW-2-5 is an internet-related issue, and you can solve it by identifying the root cause. Make sure to check your internet status by using different devices and contact Netflix customer care for further support.

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