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iPhone contacts not syncing with iCloud in iOS 15? 6 Tips to Fix

It’s not uncommon for iPhone contacts not to sync with Apple devices. The Cupertino-based developed sophisticated software over the years that are working towards building modern features to solve the problems. Each feature in the software utilizes multiple components to function it and one hiccup is enough to create a problem. We are going to look at several solutions that will solve contacts not syncing with iCloud on iPhone and iPad.

Make sure your iOS device Date and Time are correct

Apple servers won’t sync with the iPhone or iPad if the date and time are incorrect. All smartphones have certificates saved in the system, and they come in handy to create a secure connection. If the date & time are incorrect, then Apple servers will deny the registration.

  • Tap on the Settings > General > Date & Time.
  • Click to enable the “Set Automatically” option.

The iOS software will use the GPS to find the region you are living in currently and update the time. Let your iPhone or iPad choose the region automatically because it will eliminate the mistakes from next time.

Turn off contacts in iCloud and turn it back on

Device owners can force the iCloud to synchronize the contacts in iPhone and other devices. First of all, you have to turn on the internet connection and ensure that it is working.

  • Tap on the Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > Contacts.
  • Choose to Keep on My iPhone.
  • Tap on Contacts to enable it and then choose Merge.

Apple servers will update the contacts across all platforms because you forced it to do so. iCloud will notice the missing data in one device or another device, and then it will sync the contacts automatically due to recent changes.

Maxed Out iCloud Storage

Apple introduced iCloud to the world as part of the ecosystem. The Cupertino-based company knew that they have to encourage the users to choose Apple cloud storage over the competition.

A registered user is entitled to 5 GB free storage in the iCloud, and that’s the limit you get. Some of the Apple services will freeze if the cloud storage limit reached 5GB.

Of course, you can upgrade and downgrade the storage plan from 5 GB to 2 TB and 2 TB to 5 GB. Apple is offering cloud storage upgrade plans on the official site, and you should check it out since the pricing differs from country to country.

Solve Internet Connectivity Problems

Persisting internet connectivity issues are not easy to solve, and you can reset network settings in the iPhone or iPad to remove the old configuration.

You won’t lose any saved data in the device, but it will remove all network-related configurations. You will lose all saved Wi-Fi points, Bluetooth points, carrier settings, and more. However, your carrier will update the network settings next time you boot the phone.

Sign out and sign in to iCloud from iPhone

Yes, you should log out of the iCloud service from the iPhone and iPad. You should connect the iOS device to the internet, so the transition will sync with the servers. I request the readers to create a backup via iTunes or iCloud to minimize the data loss problems.

Your iPhone or iPad will log you out of the account, and you should let the device sit there for five minutes. You can log in to the iCloud again, and it will sync all contacts again.

Upgrade your iOS device with the latest software

It’s not uncommon for an iPhone or iPad to get infected by threats. Apple doesn’t inform the users about the recent breach, but they release a security update from now and then to maintain security integrity.

Charge your device to 100% and ensure that there are no internet connectivity issues. Back up the saved data in local storage or in iCloud to prevent data loss situations.

Final Words

Your internet connection instability plays a crucial role in the iPhone contacts not syncing issue. You can restore the iOS software to fix most of the software-based problems and backup the data via iTunes.

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  1. Hi, My contacts have disappeared! Just looked today for first time in quite awhile. When I open contacts I see a cryptic message, “M He non Man By b/c But g by you He ukthuj Hi” quotes not included.
    When I looked back in my old messages I found 2 messages with the cryptic message heading dated 4/27/17b& 3/23/18. I’ve used my contacts many times since those dates.
    I’ve tried your suggestions but none seem to work. I don’t get a pop up when I toggle contacts off so merge is not possible.
    I’m on version 15.2, just updated today.
    Any suggestions appreciated.


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