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Solve: Why does my Ethernet keeps disconnecting on Mac and MacBook

There are many solutions that you can apply to solve Ethernet not working in a macOS machine. Apple has added a dedicated LAN port on the latest Mac computers, and the LAN port is available on some old MacBook machines. Ethernet problems are rare in macOS, but they can happen due to several unknown reasons, and that is why we are covering this tutorial. Allow us to show you how you can fix Ethernet problems on a Mac computer.

Try this first – Restart Mac

Your Mac computer is a combination of hardware and software, which tends to have problems in communicating from time to time. It’s not uncommon for software to stop communicating with hardware which causes the non-functioning features. The LAN port might be having problems communicating with the macOS, which could be the reason why Ethernet is not working. A quick restart will force the drivers to launch again and communicate with the hardware.

  • Tap on the Apple logo and choose Restart.
  • Let your Mac restart and check if the internet is working or not.

Move on to the next solution, if Ethernet is not working after the quick restart.

Shutdown Mac

Millions of Mac computers don’t get sleep time and they remain turned on while the user sets it in standby mode. The software stores a lot of data during the session, even, if the official developer optimized it. The latest macOS saves session data, so you can open the files faster and improve productivity. A good sleep time will help the macOS to dump the session data and let the components relax a little.

  • Click on the Apple logo and choose Shutdown.
  • Let your Mac sleep for ten minutes.

You can allow the computer to sleep for twenty minutes if you believe that the weather is hot. It is important to let the Mac PC sleep a little, so it can cool down the smaller components in the machine.

Clean LAN Cable

Your LAN cable is a fragile technology that suffers from long-term tear and wear.

You can clean the LAN cable using a dry cloth and do not use any form of liquid in the process.

Remove the LAN cable to check, if it has loose ends or if it has reached the end life cycle. Many cables do get damaged over time and it is a wiser option to purchase a new one if you don’t believe that the existing one can be repaired.

Apple doesn’t ship LAN cable in the box, so you have to rely on ISP or a third-party market for the cable. However, you can purchase any cable manufactured by a reputed brand.

Clean LAN Port

Older Mac computers have dusty LAN port that is filled with grime, dust, and dust mites. You should consider cleaning it using basic equipment such as a blower, dry cloth, and cotton buds.

The majority of the readers won’t have a blower as it is a rare item for average consumers to have in the backyard storage. You can purchase a pack of cotton buds that will reach tricky spots and remove the dust and build-up grime in the port.

Do not use the liquid in the cleaning process but it will damage the LAN port. We don’t recommend 99% cleaning alcohol as well because it may reach the internals and damage the fragile component. Overall, you should avoid any chances of liquid damage as Mac are known to be expensive to repair.

Connect LAN Cable Directly

Wi-Fi/modem router is a necessity to connect multiple devices at home or office. Our Mac computer is not connected to the internet directly with a LAN cable. Our Mac is connected to the internet via a Wi-Fi router and that’s where the LAN cable is connected.

ISP LAN Cable > Wi-Fi Router or Modem > External LAN Cable connected to Mac.

Connecting the ISP LAN cable directly to Mac is the best way to find out whether the Wi-Fi router or modem is the culprit or something is wrong with Mac.

Wi-Fi routers or modem do age and reach the end life cycle because they don’t get enough sleep time and kept turned on for months. Do not assume that the Wi-Fi router is immortal and do not hesitate to try other methods.

Internet Configuration

Millions are connected to internet via static IP address that changes from time-to-time. This has happened to us in the past, where the static IP address changed and we had disconnections throughout the day. You should contact the ISP to confirm, whether there has been any modifications in the static IP address or not.

Restart Network Driver using Terminal

Command line is a powerful tool in macOS and you can use it to restart the network driver. The command that we have suggested below will turn off the driver and then turn it back on. You can force the software to look for the LAN port in the Mac and that will make it recognize the hardware.

  • Open Terminal and copy & paste “sudo ifconfig en0 down” and press enter key.
  • Type the password and press enter key.
  • Ethernet is turned off in Mac.
  • Go back to Terminal and copy & paste “sudo ifconfig en0 up” and press enter key.
  • Ethernet is turned back on in Mac.

Reinstall macOS

Apple is messing up big-time lately in the updates and botched software updates are no longer a secret. The Cupertino-based manufacturer is releasing bugged & glitched updates and things are going wrong during macOS update installation. In case, if you believe that something went wrong during the update installation, then you can consider fresh macOS copy re-installation.

Bottom Line

If none of the solutions solve Ethernet not working in macOS machine, then you can purchase Apple Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter or USB Ethernet Adapter. Mac is an expensive machine and it is much more expensive to repair the component, so an external adapter can resolve the problem without removing the back panel.

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