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How to Delete Multiple Songs from Apple Music

Wondering How to Delete Multiple Songs from Apple Music? On this guide we will show you how to:

  • Delete Music You've Already Streamed on Apple Music
  • Deleting an Individual Song from the Apple Music
  • Bulk Delete Songs on Apple Music
  • Delete Tracks or Albums All at Once
  • Deleting Songs from the Apple Music Using the iTunes
  • Using a Tool to Delete Single or Multiple Songs

If you’re wondering how to delete multiple songs from apple music, this guide will teach you everything you need to know on apple music and song removal, just follow the simple methods below and thanks us later.

Getting rid of unused playlists and duplicate tracks on your iPhone music app will help you free up some of the device’s limited storage.

If you’ve ever tried to erase music off your iPhone or iPad, you know that you have to do it one song at a time, which may be time-consuming when you have many songs to get rid of.

Apple hasn’t given a simple option to delete several songs from your iPhone’s Music app with a single click.

You may use only iTunes or some iTunes alternatives to delete more than one song or playlist at a time. As a result, we’ll explain how to remove songs from Apple Music in this guide.

How to Delete Multiple Songs from Apple Music Guide

How to Delete Music You’ve Already Streamed on Apple Music?

How to Delete Multiple Songs from Apple Music

Apple Music is one of the best songs app for iPhone. When you click on the plus (+) icon, you will save the song to your Library for future listening. You may now access it via the Songs app and listen to it over cellular data or Wi-Fi.

You can save the songs to your device by tapping the download icon. When you add a song to your Library, you can also enable an automatic download that saves the music offline. A lot of space on your iPhone could be taken up by this. Let’s see how we can get rid of them.

Method#1: Deleting an Individual Song from the Apple Music

Follow these instructions to remove an individual song from an iPhone or iPad.

  • Step#1: Open the Apple Music App
  • Step#2: Click on Library Option
  • Step#3: Click on the Downloaded Music Option
  • Step#4: Click on the Songs Option
  • Step#5: Select a Song and Click the Remove Option
  • Step#6: Lastly, Remove the song.

Method#2: Steps to Bulk Delete Songs on Apple Music

Mass deletion comes in handy a lot of times. Songs that you no longer desire to listen to are among those. So, let us discuss how you can delete bulk songs from Apple Music.

  • Step#1: Open the iPhone Storage

Go to General > iPhone Storage in the settings app. You may find everything you’ve installed and how much space they’ve used here.

  • Step#2: Click on the Edit Option

Tap on the Music app when you’ve found it in the list of apps to the left. You’ll learn how much storage space it has and what management choices are available.

You’ll find the Edit button next to Recommendations. By tapping on it, you’ll be given the option of deleting all songs by a specific artist.

To delete all music, tap the red icon on the left and confirm the deletion.

If you don’t have an extensive music collection, you can use this menu to remove tracks from specific artists and remove all of your Library’s records.

It’s time to talk about the Music app. What is the procedure for deleting tracks from it?

Method#3: Delete Tracks or Albums All at Once

This method is ideal for removing a particular song or album. Always keep a copy of your music on hand before making any significant changes to your music collection.

If you delete the album or song, you will lose it forever. You’ll know a song has been uploaded to the cloud if you see a cloud icon next to it. Since it doesn’t take up any space on your device, there’s no need to delete it.

There are chances that the iCloud may be disabled on your phone. If you’re having a hard time turning it on, you can visit our guide on how to Turn On, Turn Off, and Update the iCloud Music Library.

  • Step#1: Go to Music App > Tap the “Library” Option > Choose the albums or tracks you want to remove from your Library.
  • Step#2: Hold down the Song/Album button for a few seconds until a pop-up menu appears.
  • Step#3: To remove a song or an entire album from your Library, select “Delete from Library” or “Remove Downloads.”
  • Step#4: Tap “Delete Album” to confirm your deletion.

Method#4: Deleting Songs from the Apple Music Using the iTunes

You can remove songs from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch organized into playlists, artists, genres, or albums using iTunes. Remove music from your iPhone playlist but not from your iTunes library.

  • Step#1: Connect your iPhone to your computer by opening iTunes and connecting it to the PC.
  • Step#2: Click on the iPhone icon in the upper left and select “Summary” from the left side.
  • Step#3: Turn on the “Manually manage music and video” checkbox.
  • Step#4: In the left panel, select “Music.”
  • Step#5: Next, click “Delete” on the tracks you want to get rid of.

Method#5: Using a Tool to Delete Single or Multiple Songs from the Apple Music

EaseUS MobiMover allows you to back up your iPhone, sync data across two iOS devices, and move files from a PC to your iPhone without losing any data, all without the need for iTunes.

You may safely erase individual songs or playlists from your iPhone without affecting the rest of your iTunes library using this handy app. Songs and other material can be deleted, but there are many additional options.

  • Step#1: Go to Content Management > Audio > Music in EaseUS MobiMover after connecting your iPhone to your Mac or PC.
  • Step#2: Click “Music” to add new tracks. Finally, your iPhone or iPad can play all of your purchased music. To transfer music from your Mac to your iPhone, click “Add Contents.”
  • Step#3: To begin adding music, click the “Open” button.

(Note: If you’re having a hard time using iTunes. You can view our guide on the best iTunes alternatives for MacBook, Mac, and Windows.)


Q1: Does Apple Music Take a lot of storage on my iPhone?

A: The Apple Music app does not take up a lot of memory. What takes up space on your phone is the music you’ve downloaded, not the music itself. Removing songs might help you free up space on your device to run updates, take photos and download new apps.

You may check Apple Music storage under Settings>General>About. You’ll see exactly what’s taking up the most room using this. Check the ‘Songs’ section to see how many songs have been downloaded.

Q2: Can you offload the Apple Music Automatically?

A: Yes, there is an option to ‘Offload Unused Apps’ under device storage. Turn this option on to get rid of unneeded information that you don’t utilize regularly.

Q3: Is there a way to select multiple songs?

A: You can select numerous songs by pressing the checkbox button in the upper left corner of the screen and holding it there. A checkmark will display next to each song you’ve selected once you completed this step. It’s as simple as tapping it again to remove a song from your queue.

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