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How to Delete a Message on Twitch as a Mod?

Learn how to mod someone on Twitch and delete messages - This short but precise guide will teach you the mod ways

If you are a gamer, you should use Twitch to stream your games. If you’re already using the platform but have questions like how to delete a message on Twitch as a mod, this guide is for you.

In this thread, you’ll discover what you want and need to know about how to remove a comment on Twitch.

We’ll show you how to delete comments from the chat on Twitch and how it works. We’ll also give you some more advice and tips on this subject.

How to Delete a Message on Twitch as a Mod – What is Twitch?

Video live streaming service Twitch is based in the United States and specialises in video game live streaming, as well as creative content, music broadcasts, and real-life streams. Twitch also broadcasts esports competitions. It is run by Twitch Interactive, which is part of Amazon.

The platform was launched in June 2011 and became popular in 2012. The platform is very popular with gamers, and even some celebrities use it to stream. You can put your content and real-life on the platform and make a lot of money.

Is There A Way To Delete A Comment On Twitch?

In the past, Twitch didn’t let moderators delete single messages or comments from Twitch. But now, they can. Even though this feature has been added recently, it’s still there. On Twitch, you will need to turn on the Mod icons. If you haven’t already, follow these steps:

  • Join your Twitch account and click on your picture at the top right corner. This is where you go down until you see the channel option. It’s number three in line from the top down.
  • You will now be on your channel page. There is a gear icon on the bottom right. Click on it. Show mod icons on the pop-up menu are turned on. “My preferences” should have it as the first choice.
  • Activating the mod icon option is the third step. You must now go to the comment that you want to delete and click the delete button. To the left of your username, there will be a trash can icon that looks like a trash can. The comment will be removed if you click on the button.

This is the easiest way to get rid of one or two emails. Then, if you want to delete everything in a chat log, you have to click on the clear chat button. It is the only option in the chat settings menu that is marked with a red dot, which means it is important.

Alternatively, you can use a bot or commands to clear messages that have certain words in them. To stop people from swearing-in your channel, you just have to ban those words. The Message will then be deleted. Or you can use other commands to get rid of some messages from some users, too.

Alternate Ways to Deleting Comments/Messages on Twitch

This feature of Twitch should already be well-known to you. To delete comments from your Twitch chatbox, use this method.

Some people have trouble with the timeout feature because it can delete a lot of emails all at once by one person. And most of the time, you won’t need to delete more than one comment from any one person. To help you with this, we have a trick for you.

And that is to use the timeout feature for one second for any one person. To make sure everything stays where it was before, just delete the last comment from the user; here’s how to do this.

  • To ban someone, type ‘/timeout username 1s (the reason why), and then press enter to do it. The timeout feature can be used for one second only if you want to use it for that person.
  • In this example, if you want to delete a comment from Username1, you have to write “/timeout username1 1s spam” (without the quotes).

In this way, the comment that a person made 1 second earlier will be removed. Also, they will go to sleep. To show the Message again, click on the “message deleted” notification. As always, you or any other moderator can click on it.


Q1: Is the Message gone right away?

Ans: The streamer and the mods can still see the Message if they click the “click to show>” button. This is good if you are going to report the user or if you are a mod and want to explain why you deleted a message.

This is another thing to keep in mind: You can only delete a single message in the chat on the Twitch platform itself. One of the things that streaming software doesn’t allow you to do is delete a single message. Not right now.

Q2: How to Block Someone in Twitch Chat?

Ans: As long as you have mod icons turned on, you can also ban someone from this section. To ban someone from your chat, follow these steps. Open up your Twitch Chat. Click on the Ban Icon on the far left of the screen. This will stop the person from posting in your chat room, so do this.

Q3: Can VODS See a deleted Message?

Ans: If you delete a comment during the stream, it will not show up in the VODs. “Message has been deleted” will still show up in its place. On Twitch VODs, the same comments that were made during the live stream show up at the same time.

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