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How to archive and unarchive Gmail emails

Users can unarchive Gmail emails from a desktop or mobile device, and it isn’t the complicated part. Millions of emails are sent per day on Google Mail alone, and it’s not easy for the users to maintain a clean inbox. Spam has become a worrying problem as registered services keep sending emails, and spam emails may their way to the inbox. We have to manage the inbox for a minimalist look and to keep a track of the sent/received messages so far.

What is an archive in Google Mail?

We always get confused over archive & trash because the emails do leave the inbox and land somewhere else. The archive allows the users to remove the email thread from the primary inbox and keep it somewhere else safe. You can always recover it back and use it again, but it won’t land in the trash or get deleted by mistake. Users can locate it from the account using the date & time filter, and that’s how it works.

In short, you are achieving the email thread to use it later, but it will leave the primary inbox and preserved somewhere else. You can use it to hide from colleagues or family members until or unless they are aware of the email status.

There are a few things that you need to know about archive & unarchive options.

  • You can apply the same method on sent emails as well. We have tested it, and it works flawlessly without any problems on “sent” emails.
  • The email will be restored to the primary inbox, but it won’t appear on the top if it was sent or received a few days back. You should find the email during the timeline of the email.
  • You can perform the actions that we have shown on mobile & desktop.
  • Perform the actions on mobile & desktop web browsers.
  • You can select multiple emails or one-by-one, and it is entirely up to you.
  • We have tested the Gmail in mobile app and desktop browser, and it works flawlessly. You will have the same options in the iOS app and Linux-based browsers as well.

Please keep in mind that Gmail works the same on cross-platform. However, you will find a few modifications in other Gmail apps, but the rest will be the same.

How to archive an email in Google Mail on PC?

First, we will look at how you can archive an email and then unarchive Gmail emails.

  • Open the desktop browser and login into your Google Mail account.
  • Tap on the email that you want to archive or select the emails to archive.
  • Click on the archive button located in the email options.

All of the selected emails will disappear from the primary inbox and treated as archived by the user. They are not deleted, and you can recover them anytime, so do not panic.

How to unarchive Gmail mail on PC?

  • Open the browser and login into your Google email account.
  • Scroll down to find “All Mail” in the left side panel and click to open it.
  • Select the email or open the email and then click on unarchive button that we have marked in the snapshot.

Go back to the primary inbox and check if it is present there, but you have to make sure to check it in the received timeline. The unarchived email is restored based on date and time, so it won’t appear on top if it was sent a few weeks back.

How to archive Google emails on Mobile?

Google has a dedicated mobile app and mobile web design for users who are using older or newer smartphones. You can make changes to the Google Mail account using a smartphone app or a browser.

  • Open the app or from the mobile web browser.
  • Sign-in to the account using valid credentials.
  • Open the email or select multiple emails from the list, and you can take your time here.
  • Tap on the archive button located in the email options.

The selected emails are dropped into the archive section, and they won’t appear in the primary inbox anytime soon.

How to unarchive emails in Google Mail on Mobile?

You can unarchive an email in Gmail by the following steps.

  • Open the app or from the mobile web browser.
  • Sign-in to the account using valid credentials.
  • Tap on the three-dash menu button located at the top left side to reveal more options.
  • Swipe down till “All Mail” shows up on the screen and tap on it to open all emails in one place.
  • Open the email that you want to unarchive.
  • Tap on the three-dot setting located at the top right corner to reveal more options.
  • Tap on “Move to Inbox” to finish the process.

The email is sent back to the primary inbox, and you can access it anytime.

Bottom Line

Archiving & unarchiving the emails in Gmail is an easy process, and our guide covers desktop & mobile solutions. If you have deleted an email by mistake, then you can always bring it back to the primary inbox from the trash folder.

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