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Apple Watch Not Ringing on Receiving a Call from the iPhone

Apple Watch not ringing upon receiving a call from the iPhone or iPad. Apple is well-known for its software stability and performance, but it is not perfect. Apple device owners face lots of problems with iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Watch. We are going to look at Apple Watch and see why it’s not ringing when you receive a call from the callers.

Shutdown iPhone & Watch

Do you sleep six hours a day? We sleep a minimum of six hours a day, but none of the smartphones & smart devices get sleep time. Machines do need sleep time to cool down the hardware and throw the temporary files in the bin.

We recommend the users to give a minimum of half an hour of sleep time once a month. Your device needs sleep time to give the relaxation of the components and throw the temp files in the trash.

Unpair Apple Watch and Re-pair it again

The American company loves to give the software & features unique names. However, Apple cannot deny that iPhone/iPad & Watch pairs using traditional Bluetooth & Wi-Fi technology.

If you have Bluetooth & Wi-Fi features in smartphones, laptops, cars, and other places, then you would know that it does suffer from software & hardware bugs.

You can solve the Bluetooth & Wi-FI bugs & glitches by unpairing and repairing the devices.

  • Open the Watch app on iPhone.
  • Tap on “My Watch” located at the bottom and then choose “All Watches” at the top side of the screen.
  • Tap on the (i) button to view more options.
  • Tap on “unpair” to remove Apple Watch from the list.

Now, you can repair the Apple Watch with an iPhone or iPad, and it will work smoothly.

Update Apple WatchOS

Apple watchOS 7 is the latest edition from the company, and it has some problems with it. You can take unexpected battery drain, for instance, and Apple released over six software updates in five months.

  • Open Apple “Watch” app from the menu.
  • Choose “My Watch” to continue.
  • Tap on “General” to continue.
  • Tap on “Software Update” to proceed further.
  • Update the Watch to the latest watchOS version.

We implore the readers to check online news for the bugs & glitches of the watchOS version. There are times when Apple messes up badly with software updates, and it has happened with iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur.

Check Apple Watch & iPhone

You have to find out whether this is a problem happening in Apple Watch or iPhone only. What we are trying to say that you could be having the problem on iPhone/iPad and we are trying to apply solutions to Watch.


The best way to find out whether this is a problem is occurring on iPhone/iPad, and then you should uninstall & install the app itself.

  • Press & hold the Watch app to reveal more options and then choose ”Delete app” to start the process.
  • A confirmation pop-up shows up, and tap on “Delete” to remove it from the device.
  • Open App Store and look for “Watch” and then tap on the download button to perform a clean installation.
  • Open the “Watch” app once it is downloaded to the iPhone.

You can pair the Apple Watch with the app and check if the problem is persisting.

Apple Watch:

Pair the Apple Watch with another phone, and you can use an iPad or Android device in this case as well.

Try to make calls and receive calls on the secondary device to see if the problem is repeating here as well.

Reset Apple Watch

Do not panic if you found problems with the Watch because you can always reset the software to remove all settings, data, and configuration errors. Make sure to back up the data if you have saved formed data in it.

Do not force shutdown or panic because the progress bar is not moving any further. The average resetting time is five minutes and a maximum of ten minutes, so don’t panic and let the machine reset itself.

Bottom Line

Apple Watch not ringing problem should be resolved if you have followed the guide. Remember, there is a possibility of hardware errors, so if none of the solutions are working, and then you can book an appointment with Apple Service Center.

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