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Solved: Why is my Apple Watch battery draining very fast after update?

Many Apple Watch owners are complaining about the battery drain. You should seek authorized service center assistance if the Watch has a faulty battery in it. But it is reported that several Watch users have no idea how to converse energy in the device. Yes, you may be making similar mistakes as the first-gen Watch owners, which is resulting in lower battery life. I will show you how to optimize Watch to maximize the energy and last few more hours.

Why is my Apple Watch battery dying so fast?

Apple Watch is an expensive add-on that rivals several offerings in the market. Older models had a 300 mAh battery in the Watch, and the company claims it to last 18 hours a day. In short, you have to charge the device every day, and maybe overnight charging is an ideal option.

But if it is not lasting during the daytime then you are using the Watch wrongly. You might be relying on the wearable way too much and using up the energy to perform the most basic tasks. But, it’s not an excuse to shy away from the truth, and I will show you on what basis Apple claimed 18 hours of battery life.

  • 90 notifications.
  • 90 time checks.
  • 60 minutes of work, while listening to music over Bluetooth.
  • 45 minutes of app usage.

Apple calculated the Watch battery life based on the above stats, and you have to hit the mark to conserve energy and outlast its everyday capacity. Now, I will provide in-depth information on what is consuming battery charge in the device and how you can tackle it for maximum juice.

Reboot your Apple Watch

Answer this, when was the last time your Watch had sleep time?

None, or once, by mistake.

Computers have a “Shutdown” and “Restart” option in the software because it serves an important purpose. Your Watch requires a dire need of sleep time and even ten minutes of shut-eye makes a bigger difference in the equation.

  • few things happen, when you reboot the Apple device.
  • The watchOS will dump temporary files.
  • The software will shut down the drivers and restart them in the next session.
  • Ten minutes of sleep time will allow the internal components to cool down.
  • A restart will fix bugs, glitches, and known issues temporarily.

It’s hilarious that Apple didn’t add the “Restart” option in the watchOS, but you can force restart the device. But I implore the readers to let Watch sit on the sidelines for ten minutes, so consider turning off the device.

Check Apple Watch Battery Stats

Aren’t you curious about what’s draining the life out of Apple Watch? So am I, which begs us the question of how to find the battery stats in the latest watchOS.

  • Pick up your iPhone.
  • Open the Watch app.
  • Tap “General” settings.
  • Choose “Usage” to continue.
  • Swipe down to the bottom section.
  • Apple Watch usage and standby time show up on the screen.

Find out which system services and apps are consuming the battery charge. Take a minute to understand which app or service is consuming more juice, so you can prolong the Watch battery life.

Apple Watch battery draining fast after software update

I’m always skeptical whenever there is a firmware or software update from Microsoft and Apple, but they are messing up lately. I ask the readers to go through software update reviews and online news specific to your device and then consider installing the update. Unpair Apple Watch and re-pair with the iPhone.

Make sure to re-pair the device with the same iPhone, or else, you will end up losing saved data in the device.

Disable Background Apps

How many notifications do you receive in a day? Watch has to load all notifications on the screen, and it drains the battery to some extent. We only find the notifications on the screen, but the apps are frequently refreshing in the background for updates. We have to limit the number of unused apps from refreshing and prompt notifications on iPhone and Watch.

  • Tap the “Settings” app.
  • Choose “General” settings.
  • Swipe down to open the “Background App Refresh” option.
  • Disable unused apps and unnecessary apps.
  • I have disabled apps that I want to receive any notifications.

I will open the apps when I need them, so it won’t run in the background draining the battery charge.

Disable Display on Mode

Apple Watches have brighter displays, and you can always keep the display on, but it will drain the battery faster. The “Always Display On” feature is handy to keep an eye on the workout stats, but it requires a higher amount of juice to keep ongoing. Disable “Always Display On” mode in the Watch and converse energy for rest of the day.

  • Press Digital Crown to view Home Screen in Apple Watch.
  • Open “Settings” on Apple Watch.
  • Swipe down and choose “Display & Brightness” to view more options.
  • Tap “Always On” or turn off the feature.

The Watch will no longer be lit the display all time, and conserve battery life.

Disable Wrist Detection Features

The display takes up the majority of the battery charge, and it is the primary energy-hungry component in the device. Apple introduced Wrist Detection features in the watchOS, and it will wake up the screen when you raise the Watch. Try disabling the Wrist Detection features in the device and witness the battery life improvement.

  • Open the Watch app on iPhone.
  • Choose “Settings” to view more options.
  • Choose “Wrist Detection” to view more options.
  • Toggle to disable the feature.

Now, you have full control over the device and wake it up when needed, or else, it will wait for your next command.

Reset your Apple Watch

The worst-case scenario is resetting the Apple Watch. Your iPhone holds the device backup data, so it is an automated process. Let me walk you through the reset process, which will determine whether this is a faulty battery or watchOS shortcomings.

  • Open the Watch app on iPhone.
  • Tap the “My Watch” tab located at the bottom menu.
  • Choose “General” to proceed.
  • Tap the” Reset” option.
  • Tap “Erase All Content and Settings” to continue.
  • Confirm the “Erase All Content and Settings” action.

Your Watch will reset and restore the data in the next boot up as well. You will have more options while setting up the Watch and restoring everything to normal. Resetting the software will dump custom settings and custom configuration, so do not assume that it was in vain.

Bottom Line

Contact Apple if your Watch battery drain is not stopping controlled despite applying all solutions. A battery capacity significantly drops due to aging or faulty hardware, so it’s better to have a professional look at it. Let us know which solution helped you in solving the Apple Watch battery drain.

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