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Delete Spotify Account Permanently? Here’s How to Close

Spotify is a global music entertainment application available on cross-platform such as Windows, Android, and Apple devices. In some scenario, we often choose to delete Spotify Premium account due to specific reasons. Millions of music application users do not know how to delete it on any device. We are going to cover the topic and provide instructions without missing a point.

Want to Permanently Delete Spotify Account? Here’s How to Close

The music services are available on cross-platform, but the company ensured that they will utilize a similar layout in all devices and apps. Covering deletion part on a phone application will not apply to Windows app version and web version. You need a desktop browser to connect and start working on the deletion process, otherwise, it won’t work.

  1. Launch the web browser such as desktop Mozilla or Chrome and then go to the official support page. The support page requires authorized an active account presence, so you need to login to the account. Click on “subscription” in the support page, and it will provide more options.
  2. Scroll down until you reach the option “I want to close my account permanently” and click on it to move forward.
  3. Click on “close Spotify account” and this is an attempt to keep the user on the platform.
  4. An emotion created in the next page in an attempt to keep the user consuming music and then you have to click “Close Account” to move forward.
  5. In another clever attempt, the company provides statistics such as Playlists, Followers, and Following. Of course, you have to click on “continue” to move forward.
  6. In this page, the company provides in-depth information on what you are losing and what you can do after deleting the Spotify account. I will explain this part later on, but you wish to delete the account at this point, and then click on “continue.”
  7. A verification email sent to the registered email inbox.
  8. Open the inbox, and you will find a verification email coming from Spotify. Open the email and then click on the green button to proceed further and it will redirect to the official support page.

Of course, you do have more options after closing the Spotify account on the popular music sharing platform.

What’s next? After Deleting Spotify the Account

The music service company provides alternative options to the users on the platform and I will provide those details.

What do you lose?

  • The number of followers you earned will no longer see or listen to your music.
  • The number playlists that you have created will no longer available.
  • The deleted account username is not available for a new registrant.

However, the deleted Spotify account is subjected to 7-days of the period to recover the account. In short, the user can recover the account within seven days of the period, and the data is not deleted from the servers yet.

Final Verdict

Anyone can delete Spotify account by following the instructions, but the procedure may not work on smartphone browsers. I haven’t tried the method yet on a mobile device, and you can let us know about it in the comment section below.

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