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How to change iMessage Background in iOS 15 on iPhone

iPhone and iPad users are among the most tech-savvy ones due to the introduction of new features in it. But some people get fed up with the interface and look out for the options that can help them to make the customization accordingly.

Well, you might be getting curious to know what we are talking about. Right! Here we are discussing the methods helpful for you in changing the background of iMessage.

If you have been an iPhone user for a very long time, chances are there you might get fed up with the background iMessage have. Well, there is no need for you to get stuck to it anymore because now the methods are available helpful in changing out the background.

Here we will share the best method along with steps that will help you in changing the iOS Message Background.

Can I change the iMessage background without jailbreak?

As an iPhone user, you might be aware that Apple has not launched such an application that will be helpful in changing the background. So, yes, it is important to utilize third-party applications for the same. The third-party applications will cater to your need of changing the background on iMessage.

How to change Message background with jailbreaking

If you are ready to jailbreak your Apple device, you can utilize Cydia. This is among the most considerable choice by users that they utilize for desktop as well. This application is free of cost and helpful in changing the iMessage background easily.

Final Words

iPhone users have an encounter with the best features but somewhere they are restricted towards the default interface available. But not anymore because applications are there helping users out there for doing the customization as you wanted. Select the best application that will be helpful in customizing the background seamlessly!

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