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5 Best budget Motherboard for Ryzen 5 3600

Are you planning to purchase Ryzen 5 3600 processor for the next rig? Then you need a capable motherboard that can bring the maximum power out of the processor. We have shortlisted a few boards that you can consider for the upcoming build, and we won’t go crazy on the budget because you don’t need to lighten the wallet for a quality board.

How do we choose the right motherboard?

Do not skip this part because it’s important to know how to choose the correct motherboard. You can save hundreds of dollars and time by learning the process.


Many newbies are unaware of the compatibility that is realized after the purchase. Nobody wants to waste time on buying a board that doesn’t work with Ryzen 5 3600. The technology is improving, so as the processors, and requires modern boards to support its features and functionality. You can take USB-A and USB-C type ports for an instant, and you know that USB-C type devices are much faster than the previous generation.

However, boards don’t support backward compatibility. Chose AM4-based boards for Ryzen 5 3600 because that’s what is supported by the AMD 3rd gen mid-range lineup.


What is the purpose of the machine? I build my new PC for gaming, and I plan to run popular AAA titles on it. Every motherboard is designed for a purpose, and that is why you will find cheaper boards and expensive variants of the same model.

Form Factor

Computers have come a long way, from being bulky machines to smaller form factor rigs. ATX is the standard term to define the machine’s overall size, and each board has a name to define its size.

ATX: 12 inches – 19.6 inches.

Mini ATX: 11.2 Inches – 8.2 inches.

Micro ATX: 9.6 inches (square).

Mini ITX: 6.7 inches square.

I prefer to upgrade the PC components with time, and you will have the flexibility to do in an ATX board. If a smaller form factor is imperative, then go with the Mini ITX board.

Quality & Endurance

You cannot compromise on quality and always purchase the PC components from a reputed brand. Many brands started to use durability as a unique selling point, and I do implore the readers to keep an eye on it.

Ports & Slots

Buyers should always take a quick look at the port selection, and slots. You should look for several video slots, USB ports, PCI slots, RAM slots, expansion slots, and more. Several motherboards that I have suggested below are enough for average consumers and gamers. But if you are looking for specific slots and port selection then you should always take time to check it out.

I would say that these points are enough for a beginner and start making a list of what you need in a motherboard. You can choose inbuilt Wi-Fi and Bluetooth motherboard variants, but it will impact the pricing a little.

5 Best motherboard for Ryzen 5 3600 under $200

ASRock B550M PRO4

ASRock B550 PRO4 Processor

ASRock launched B550M PRO4 under $110 price point, and I would go for it because it’s the best value for money. The manufacturer equipped the B550M PRO4 board with sufficient ports and expansion slots. AMD promised the buyers that they will ensure future processors will support the older boards. If you ever want to upgrade the machine to higher specifications then you can replace the processor with 4th gen and 5th gen Ryzen processors.

I’m into gaming, and I chose the Ryzen processor due to its performance and value for money proposition. The B550M supports CrossFireX technology, where you can add two graphics cards and get the maximum performance out of the cards.

Audio is an overlooked department when buying a motherboard, and it’s an essential component for music consumption and gaming. I don’t want to be taken out by the opponent during an intense battle in the competitive scene due to audio shortcomings and footsteps play a crucial role in it.

Guess what? B550M Pro4 integrated with Realtek ALC1200 (7.1 CH HD Audio) coupled with Nahimic Audio. Buy a decent headset and experience immersive audio in the Ryzen 5 3600 desktops. ASROCK went ahead of the competition by adding premium Blu-ray Audio support under the $110 price bracket.

ASRock covered the PCB with metal armor, so you don’t have to worry about the sagging graphics card, heating M.2 slot, and I/O shield. You should spend time on the official B550M PRO4 page for expansion slots, port selection, and more.

AORUS B450 (Wi-Fi) Edition


AORUS B450 is offering an inbuilt Wi-Fi module under the $110 price bracket then this is for you. I mentioned AMD promise, and Ryzen 3 3600 is supported by B450, but it’s the last generation processor to support it. In short, there is no room for a CPU upgrade, and I ask the readers to go for it if wireless connectivity is on the priority list.

AORUS B450’s highlight is the onboard wireless technology. The Wi-Fi module is designed by Intel and it’s a 3rd gen Dual-Band 802.11ac Wi-Fi chip. The Intel offering supports 2.4/5 GHz Dual-Band. I couldn’t ask for more under the $110 price point.

The Taiwanese manufacturer did not miss out on Bluetooth, and it is rocking the 4.2 version, which is not the latest in the current market. However, BT 4.2 is more than sufficient to carry out most of the tasks, all thanks to its backward compatibility feature.

I take audio seriously, and GIGABYTE packed the board with an ALC1220-VB chip. The HD Audio chipset meets my expectations, so I won’t whine about it keeping the price in mind.

The Taiwanese manufacture doesn’t want you to limit your machine and added AMD CrossFire support. You can make good use of 2-Way AMD CrossFire and AMD Quad-GPU CrossFire technology.
Port and PCI selection is a highlight in the AORUS B450 board, where you get a USB 3.1 Gen 2 port and two M.2 SSD slots. However, I implore the readers to check out the product official page for complete information on port and PCI selection.

MSI MPG X570 GAMING PLUS Motherboard


Do you game daily? One of my friends was fixated with gaming motherboards since it was covered with RGB lights. MSI brought an MPG X570 Gaming Plus board for enthusiastic consumers, who are looking for a gaming-oriented board. However, I look at products objectively to avoid getting ripped off by the manufacturers.

First off, it has the gaming vibe and essence that you need to complete the rig. So, you won’t have conflicts with the design and looks to match your desired gaming setup. The MPG X570 is lit up with onboard RBG lights and you can take a look at the board pictures at Amazon. The X570 series supports 2nd gen and 3rd gen Ryzen processors, so there is no room for CPU upgrade in near future.

Many choose a black & red color scheme for the gaming setup, and that’s what MPG X570 is aiming towards. You do get M.2 slot with a Froze shield to protect SSD from overheating and getting exposed. Overclocking RAM is possible on the board, and it can go up to 4400 MHz.

The PCIe 4.0 slot is steel coated to improve longevity. MSI integrated an onboard fan to lower the PCB temperature, and it is a patented fan design that has double-ball bearings. I do recommend the readers check out the official product page for further details on port and PCIe selection.

MSI MAG B550 TOMAHAWK Gaming Motherboard

MSI MAG B550 TOMAHAWK AMD Ryzen 5000 Series processor

MSI’s Tomahawk series has always impressed me, and this time you have the MAG B550 board in the recommendation list. The motherboard is future-proof since it supports Ryzen 5000 Series processors, and you can save several hundreds of dollars in CPU upgrades.

The board is all about gaming, and there is a board RBG strip that illuminates blue & pink colors under the heatsink. The housing is a subject to discuss, where MSI worked on the construction. There is a heatsink covering the important components, and it has thermal pads as well.

The I/O ports are covered with Aluminum Cover, and MSI calls it an “Extended Heatsink.” The M.2 slots have Shield Froze to protect them from external discharges and overheat. I will give 4.5 out of 5 stars for the build quality alone, and that’s how MSI has designed the Tomahawk edition.

Nowadays, modern graphics cards are heavy, and the regular PCIe slot is no longer capable enough to bear the burden. The Taiwanese manufacturer chose PCIe Steel Armour technology to protect the card from bending and strengthen the port.

Well, I would not ask the users to upgrade the board for Gen 4 PCIe technology because only a handful of components utilize it. However, MAG B550 supports Gen 4 PCIe slot, and you can add Gen4 SSD for faster read/write speeds. Consider Gen 4 PCIe as an add-on, but it should not be a buying factor whatsoever.

MSI introduced “Core Boost Technology” that unleashes maximum CPU potential, and I don’t know how it reflects in real-world performance. Nonetheless, the Taiwanese manufacturer utilized premium components and materials to achieve it, and that’s what matter’s here. I refer the readers to the Amazon page for port selection and PCIe selection.

ASUS ROG Strix B550-F Gaming

ASUS ROG Strix B550-F

You are paying a premium price tag for functionality, build quality, advanced features, and gaming aesthetic design. I can keep on going to talk about every feature offered in the ROG Strix B550 board. But I want to mention a few key features that you don’t see every day on gaming boards.

AMD B550 supports future generation processors, and the chipset will support processors up to Ryzen 5000 series. The ROG Strix logo on the I/O shield is RGB LED light that you can control via proprietary software.

Connectivity is a strong point in the board, where you get a powerful Intel 2.5 Gb Ethernet LAN port, Wi-Fi 6, and Bluetooth 5.0 version. You don’t have to worry about connecting with a wireless headset, Wi-Fi network, and even wired internet solutions. A gamer would never complain about connectivity issues with the ROG Strix B550-F edition.

ASUS has worked on the cooling department, and they added VRM heatsink, chipset heatsink, AIO pump header, and M.2 slots heatsink in the board. In case, if you are planning to connect external fans then you got dedicated 4-pin PWM fan headers.

As I have mentioned above that PCIe 4.0 shouldn’t be a purchase factor but the ROG Strix B550-F edition has it. You can purchase Gen 4 NVMe SSD from a nearby store and experience 4x times read/write speeds. I recommend Gen 4 NVMe SSD for gaming content creators and to edit 4k videos. Check out the Amazon listing for visual I/O port selection and PCIe port selection.

Final thoughts

Buying the latest Ryzen 5 processor is a challenging task due to the silicon shortage and greedy business people around the world. However, you can grab your hands at Ryzen 5 3600 and pair it with a supported motherboard to get a desktop experience.

I would go with the MSI B550 Tomahawk because I would upgrade the CPU in near future and save tons of money on a new rig. Meanwhile, if you are low on the budget, then choose ASRock B550M since it offers a value-for-money offering. Let us know which AM4 motherboard you have chosen for the next rig in the comment section below.

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