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ASRock announced limited-edition Z490 AQUA Motherboard for $1,100

The Z490 motherboards are designed to house Intel 10th generation processors, and they have been making noise in the market for a while. The expensive single component is limited in numbers, and ASRock is building 999 water-cooled Z490 motherboards only.

AQUA Z490 Motherboard Highlights

We’re not going to look at the traditional features of the motherboard, but unique aspects of it. You have plenty of Z490 motherboards in the market with the majority of the traditional features, but ASRock AQUA Z490 is unique in many ways, and that’s what we are going to explore.

ASRock is focusing on putting RBG lights and eye-candy housing for consumers who want to pay additional for the looks including performance. The surface is made from aluminum cover and it is metal design, and they are making it unique by manufacturing 999 motherboards only. However, none of the smart desktop builders would pay $1,100 for one single component.

The manufacturer is highlighting AQUA Cooling Armor heatsink, which houses Intel 10th generation 10-core CPU and dedicated GPU. ASRock promises to keep the processor and (PCIe) graphics processor unit cooler than regular cooling systems available in the motherboards, even in premium category motherboards.

The water-cooling system adds greater value to the CPU, but this begs the question, would you buy this motherboard for overclocking?

ASRock will bundle water cooling fittings in the retail box that you can use to build custom water cooling for the upcoming gaming desktop. The water cooling fittings were designed by professionals keeping custom system builders in mind. Overall, you are saving plenty of money on buying customized fittings.

ASRock is offering PCI Express 4.0 in the AQUA Z490 motherboard. Do not panic because PCI Express 4.0 technology compatibility is backward, and your older GPU supports the new PCIe technology.

AQUA Z490 Motherboard is worth it?

Most of the desktop builders won’t invest $1,100 on one component and motherboards are essential in the process. I would say that it is an over-clocking enthusiastic product, but I completely disagree. Intel 10th generation processors made powerful by overclocking them and there isn’t much room left to overclock any further without the assistance of LN2 to exploit.

If you are a serious overclocker, then it is not possible to approach the task with water-cooling and depend mostly on LN2 technology. I mean, it is a good product, but I’m not happy with the price tag, and I don’t see it going anywhere further than this. Overall, ASRock AQUA Z490 Motherboard is trying something new, and different from competitors.

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