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How to Text Yourself on iPhone Messages?

Learn how you can message yourself on iPhone Messages

  • Sending Messages to yourself
  • Ways to Send Text Messages
  • Starting a Fake Conversation

This article will help you know how you can text yourself on iPhone messages. It will also teach ho a step-by-step guide on how to perform the actions.

How to SMS oneself on an iPhone is a valuable skill. It provides a secluded location for making shopping lists or feigning discussions. To begin, launch iMessage and turn it on. Then, text yourself using these easy steps.

Then, you may utilize the messaging function. Remember to choose “Self” in the Messages app while texting yourself. You may also use the camera on your phone to check who read your text message.

You can solve many situations by sending a text message to yourself. If you want to keep track of your grocery list or need a place to pretend that you’re having a discussion, your chat thread is the place for you.

And with iMessage, you may send messages to your phone number. So, let us begin with “How to Text Yourself on iPhone Messages.”

How to Text Yourself on iPhone Messages?

How to Text Yourself on iPhone Messages

How can I send myself an iPhone text message? You should first try this method using the “Messages” app. Open it, hit “New Message,” enter your phone number in “To,” and input your message. Then, click “Send.” If that fails, you can utilize the third-party application CopyTrans Shelbee.

The first time you utilize this tool, you might be hesitant. Despite the method’s practicality, you should know that it is not flawless. For starters, it is far less complicated than Notes.

However, the benefits of self-texting only become apparent after a few games. It is preferable to utilize Notes for other purposes, such as shopping lists, then to text oneself constantly.

Method to Send a Text Message to Yourself

How to Text Yourself on iPhone Messages

You’ve probably pondered how to send a text message to yourself on your iPhone, whether you’re sending yourself a grocery list or just pretending to have a chat. With iMessage, this is possible.

To send a message to yourself, launch the “Messages” app on your iPhone, press “New Message,” and then enter your phone number in the “To” field. Tap the “Send” button after entering the message you wish to send.

Alternately, you can convert a text message into an email. The text message will seem and function similarly to an ordinary email, with attachments such as images, videos, and audio files.

If you wish to send an email, you can use the iPhone’s email application. If you have an email account, you can also create one on your phone. This method will only function if the recipient’s device is a cell phone.

How to Start a Fake Conversation on iMessage?

If you want to send hoax texts to your friends, creating a fake iMessage discussion is simple. You only need an iPhone and a method to hack the Messages app.

A generator for phony iMessage conversations allows you to tailor your messages to appear you sent them. This application will enable you to adjust the delivery status, typing status, and even the time you send messages. It also permits rapid switching between sent and received messages.

You must first generate a text narrative to simulate an iMessage discussion on your iPhone. You may use a screenshot of an actual text exchange or a video simulation.

Choose a background color next. You can select white or black and then adjust the color of the text story frame by selecting “Background Color.” Once you build the background, you can paste the text tale inside the frame.

Can I Send a Text Message as an Email?

How to Text Yourself on iPhone Messages

Open the Messages app on your iPhone to email a text message. As soon as you reach the message, touch and hold it. To access additional options, tap the circle next to the message. To send the message to yourself, tap Forward and then send it.

Be warned that text message forwarding may remove the names of the people engaging in the discussion. Whether they contain critical information or are merely amusing, text message forwarding is the most straightforward method of preserving text messages.

Once a message has been sent, you can tap the forward button on the message’s circle. After that, press the on button on your keyboard. It’s as simple as entering your email address and then clicking Send.

You can also use apps and settings tweaks to send texts to a specified location. It takes only a few seconds to put these tools to use. You can forward texts in several ways on the iPhone.


Q1: Can iPhone users still send themselves texts?

A: Yes, you can still send texts on your iPhone. To accomplish this, launch the Messages app and hit Compose. Then, input the phone number of the device you wish to text, followed by the text itself. After completing your message, tap the Send button.

Q2: Can I send a text message to myself?

A: Yes, you may send a text message to yourself. To accomplish this:

  • Launch Messages and compose a new message.
  • Enter your phone number in the recipient’s field.
  • Enter your text and mail it.

Q3: How do you create a fake iMessage conversation?

A: There is no single method for creating a fake iMessage chat. One approach would be to take a screenshot of the discussion and then alter it to make it appear as if it were an actual conversation. Alternatively, you might use a tool that records your screen and edits the resulting video to resemble a chat.

Q4: Why do I receive texts from myself?

A: You may receive a text message from yourself for a variety of reasons. Your phone can automatically send a copy of every text message. You could send your SMS messages to you via a smartphone app.

Q5: Is there a way to save a text message conversation?

A: A complete SMS chat can be saved on your phone, yes. You can save a chat by simply opening the conversation, tapping the menu button (three horizontal dots), and selecting “Save Conversation.” Your phone will protect the text of your discussion to the phone’s internal storage as a.txt file.

Q6: Where to find a backup on iPhone?

A: Users’ iCloud accounts serve as a repository for iPhone backups. The user must have an iCloud account and sign in to back up an iPhone. Connecting the iPhone to a computer and performing a sync is another way for the user to create a backup of their data.

Conclusion – Ways to Text Yourself on iPhone Messages

In iMessage on the iPhone, texting yourself is a breeze. All it takes is a few mouse clicks and simple steps, and you’ll be ready to go. That’s it from our side on “How to Text Yourself on iPhone Messages.” We hope you found this post helpful. Keep coming back to the site for new and exciting content.

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