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Microsoft rolls out a security firmware update for Surface Pro 4

Microsoft is pushing newer updates for the 4-years old laptop that started the Surface machine line up. The revolutionary Windows developers rolled out firmware updates for the older generation Surface Pro 4 devices. The latest firmware updates rolled out to improve stability, security, and support for modern Microsoft products.

The update log shows plenty of important driver updates that required running modern applications, and it is a delightful moment to witness that MS is supporting older machines. Starting with Intel iCLS Client Extension, ICLS Client (software devices), and Management Engine Interface are related to each other.

Intel added iCLS Client in Windows for small business, security, and management of specific applications. It is an Intel-based update that is required for the motherboard to process important tasks related to the mentioned tasks, and it creates a communication line for motherboard and chipset.

The Surface Pro 4 Bluetooth Radio Adapter shipped by Marvell AVASTAR. The brand integrated the Surface laptop with licensed Bluetooth technology to connect modern phones, laptops, wireless devices, and more. The latest driver update 15.68.17018.116 brings stability and eliminates performance hecklers. Of course, you won’t see significant improvement in connectivity, but it will be compatible with modern Bluetooth technology, and the latest Microsoft wireless products.

Above I mentioned that Marvell AVASTAR is working with Microsoft to bring wireless solutions, and Wi-Fi connectivity is part of it. The latest driver update “15.68.17018.116” is for Wi-Fi technology, which improves the security structure and improves connection stability. You won’t see significant improvement in connection, but it will be more stable and free from recognized loopholes.

The Surface ME update is considered an essential update because a small minority of the consumers faced “This Device Cannot Start (Code 10)” error in early 2018. Now, you should be able to solve the problem with the latest driver “” update.

In this Surface Pro 4 updates, your laptop received driver update “109.3192.768.0” which improves security system and performance. For instance, your UEFI system will load the Windows faster and assists the operating system to unlock the screen securely.

Unfortunately, many third-party companies found loopholes in the UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) system and exploited to break the lockscreen password in a few minutes. This crucial update will deal with the loophole and keeps your Windows laptop secure for a while.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 firmware and driver updates are aiming for security, stability, and support for modern devices. The company did not mention, which Microsoft Wireless (Bluetooth) devices are going to support shortly.

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