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Logitech dropped G203 LIGHTSYNC at an affordable price

Good news for budget gamers, who are looking for a proper replacement for a sloppy gaming mouse. Logitech announced the latest variant of G203 LIGHTSYNC, which is priced at $39.99 or £34.99 in the global market.

The aesthetics are inspired by traditional Logitech G100S Gaming Mouse that supports time-tested 6-button design, high-precision sensor, maximum 8000 DPI, 1MS response time, and excellent grip. Of course, I would not compare a gaming mouse with an ordinary one because it will beat in every aspect.

The 6-button design is customizable using the traditional Logitech G HUB that can assist the FPS gamer during intense matches. The 1MS response time does come in handy when you are playing fast-paced games such as Apex Legends, Fortnite, CS:GO, and other competitive games.

The G203 LIGHTSYNC RGB lighting supports 16.8 million colors is capable enough to display the “rainbow” color lighting effect. Logitech added a metal spring button on the right and left for faster response and consistency when clicked. Logitech’s latest affordable gaming mouse communicates at 1000Hz polling rate and 1,000 reports per second, which is a required number for modern FPS gaming.

The design inspired by Logitech G100S Gaming Mouse and looks similar to G102 Prodigy. The G102 design is sturdy and lasts longer, even when used in a harsh environment. I want to remind you that G203 LIGHTSYNC is not dust-resistant and water-resistant, and requires good care for a longer life span.

However, we do not know whether the company is packing the product with braided cable because that increases the life span of the cable. Keeping the price tag in mind, it is unlikely that G203 will come with braided cable as predecessor G203 Gaming Mouse didn’t have modern cable protection.

Logitech added fully-functional support in G HUB software that designed to control and configure the mouse features. You can customize the button, change colors, and customize the mouse functions using the Logitech owned G HUB software.

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