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iPadOS can open Microsoft Office Documents in multi-window very soon

Microsoft is working to utilize iPad’s powerful processor, and software to open multiple office documents using the multi-window feature. Microsoft is using Apple’s Split View feature to enhance the user experience of Office Suite users. For someone who uses Microsoft Word daily, I can tell that it is an important feature for professional people.

The iPadOS Split View feature allows the consumers to run two different panels of the same app and view it side-by-side. In the past, Apple introduced Split View support for consumers to open a multi-window for two different apps, and you could not run one app in two windows.

If you are one of those luck beta testers, then you can use it in a few ways.

Open Document in New Window

  • Tap on “Recent, Shared, and open” in the app start screen.
  • Tap on “Menu” and then tap on “Open in New Window.”

Drag to open in a new window

  • Open an existing file by touch, hold, and drag the file from “Recent, Shared, and Open.”
  • Now, drag the file to the edge of the screen to open in a multi-window view.

It’s a drag-and-drop feature and it will open multi-window instantly.

Open Word or PowerPoint Window Separately

  • Open Word or PowerPoint document, and swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the dock.
  • Now, tap and hold the same icon from the menu, and then drag it left side or right side of the display to open it in multi-window.
  • Open the desired document in the new Word or PowerPoint.

Microsoft created a separate department called “Microsoft Office Insider for iOS” and you can become a beta tester for the company. They will roll out new features earlier than regular consumers. As of now, the new Microsoft Office for iOS Split View feature is available in the beta version only and available for beta testers only.

Also, I want to inform the readers that beta testers cannot expect bugs, glitches, and instability free applications because that’s what Microsoft wants you to do, find loopholes, and they will fix them to release it officially.

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