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How to use and exit split screen on Mac and MacBook

Apple enabled a split screen on Mac and MacBook, so machine owners can do multiple tasks simultaneously. Switching programs back and forth is an annoying moment while using a modern computer. Programmers and designers have to look at two programs at once to finish the task, but it’s not possible without an external display. We will look at how you can add two programs side-by-side using the split screen feature.

How to use multiple apps side by side in Split View on Mac?

Apple introduced a split screen feature in the latest macOS edition, and the company wanted to make multi-tasking easier for the users. All modern Mac computers can use the split screen to put multiple programs on one screen, and that’s the beauty of it. The advanced feature works on externally connected displays, so do not worry about the limitations because the official developers addressed it in the latest macOS Big Sur.

Make sure to update the software to macOS Catalina or later.

Follow our lead, and do not play around with the options until you finish the tutorial.

  • Open two full-screen capable programs and keep them running in the background.
  • Choose one program that you want to place on the right side and hover the mouse on the green button.
  • You will have three options but choose “Tile Window to Right of Screen” to continue.
  • Open the second program and hover the mouse on the green button and then select the “Tile Window to Left of Screen” option.

Now, you have two programs covering the entire display, which helps the users to multitask with ease. Do not stop reading the tutorial as you will learn important features and how to exit them. We want the users to have full control over the features and avoid making mistakes that can lead to disaster.

How to adjust the program size in Split View?

There are times you don’t want one program to cover the entire screen and make room for the important one. We run several programs that don’t need half of the screen space and focus that space on important programs. Allow us to show you how you can adjust each window size and make room for priority one.

  • Place the programs in split screen mode.
  • You will have a black barand it will play as a separator and it is to help the users to manage the programs within the domain.
  • Drag the black bar left or right to increase or decrease the program space.

Your Mac computer is designed to accept the command, and it will adjust the programs according to the direction. Drag the black bar left side if you want to expand the screen size for the program on the right. You have to follow the natural process of multi-tasking to adjust the screen size for the app.

How to exit the split screen in Mac?

Apple simplified the feature by adding a one-click exit button using the existing buttons.

  • Tap on the “esc” button and program will exit the split screen mode.

You can hover the mouse on the green button and it will reveal the “Exit Full Screen” option and click on it to exit the split screen.

Bottom Line

Apple introduced the split screen on iMac and MacBook Pro and other models, so creators can take advantage of multi-tasking features. Remember, if the software is not responding to the commands smoothly or the feature itself is not smooth, then you should update the macOS edition.

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