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How to fix Apple AirTag Precision finding not working

Many iPhone users have reported that AirTag Precision Finding is not working. Apple launched AirTag after improving the precision technology using camera, accelerometer, gyroscope, haptic feedback, sounds, etc. You can locate the nearby missing items without making an extra effort. However, it is not uncommon for iPhone or iPad to fail to function the Precision Finding feature. We are going to show you how you can fix AirTag Precision Finding failures in this tutorial.

What is AirTag Precision Finding?

Millions have purchased newly released AirTag devices without learning its limitations and how it works. AirTag utilizes existing Apple technology such as “Find My” and connectivity options in the device to locate the tag.

  • AirTag sends a unique signal via Bluetooth, and the iOS device is designed to pick up those signals. In short, you have to be within 100 meters range because that’s the Bluetooth range itself.
  • Open the “Find My” app on the device and make sure to connect to the internet (faster is better).
  • Your iOS device will locate the Bluetooth-powered AirTag and pings it.

It’s a simple technology, but they have made it secure and faster. The word “secure” in this segment is debatable after iOS 14.5 update, but it is what it is. The received information is updated in the Apple servers, which has created a privacy risk.

It’s funny how you need an internet connection to communicate with two Bluetooth devices.

Enable Find My Feature

Users have to enable the “Find My” feature in the iPhone or iPad because that’s what you need to locate and track the tag.

  • Tap on the Settings > Apple ID.
  • Choose Find My > Find My AirTag.
  • Toggle to enable AirTag.

Enter the Apple ID password to enable it.

Enable Precise Location

AirTag is nearby, and you know it, but iPhone is one, who is failing, then this is a minor issue. You can resolve it with ease by enabling a function in the Find My app.

  • Open the Settings and then choose Privacy.
  • Turn on “Location Services” to continue.
  • Find “Find My” from the list.
  • Choose the While Using the App and enable Precise Location.

Now, your iPhone is allowed to use location services and pinpoint the location. Everyone is aware of Apple’s privacy policies, and it is one of the reasons why your iOS device is using the Find My app at 100%.

Restart or update iOS device

Why bother implementing all solutions when you can fix any software-related error with a quick reboot? No seriously, the software is not perfect, even if the developer is Apple.

You should shut down the iPhone or iPad and let it sit down for a minute or two, and then boot it again.

I’m asking the readers to check out the update patch notes, if the software update is addressing or adding a new feature related to the AirTag, then you should consider updating the iOS version. You should consider updating the software if there are security updates because they fill up the loopholes.

UWB Laws

We have to follow the law of the land, and that applies to AirTag as well. Many countries have banned or restricted or prohibited the use of Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology due to security reasons.

Apple U1 chip is Ultra-Wideband technology, and if your country has restricted UWB, then Apple will disable the function automatically.

Enable System Services

Find My feature enables the system service automatically, but it is not uncommon for the service to be turned off.

  • Open the Settings and choose Privacy.
  • Tap on Location Services and find System Services.
  • Tap to enable “Find My AirTag” from the list.

A quick restart will help the iPhone to fix some problems and allow the Find My app to locate the tag.

AirTag Signal Problem

The name AirTag may sound fancy, but it is utilizing traditional Bluetooth and internet connectivity to create a unique ID and Find My feature. Your iPhone or iPad connectivity needs to be in sync.

Mobile Data: Find My app doesn’t work without an internet connection, to enable it.

Wi-Fi: Slower connections can lead to problems, so that makes Wi-Fi a viable option.

Bluetooth: Turn on the Bluetooth manually because AirTag has a Bluetooth module in it, and that’s how it sends a signal. Your iPhone or iPad Bluetooth will pick up the unique signals, and that’s how you can locate the tag.

Bottom Line

AirTag is in its early stages, where Apple is working on the software to optimize it and release new fixes through updates. You should not take a chance and update the software related to security and AirTag bug fixes.

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