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How to Add, Use, and Remove iMessage Stickers on iPhone

iMessage stickers are available on a wide range of the iOS mobile operating system. However, only a handful of Apple consumers know how to use them properly, and learned a new piece of knowledge after a long period of usage. In this tutorial, I will cover multiple ways to use stickers in the iMessage texting platform, and provide more information on other features that you may not know about it.

How to get stickers from the Apple App Store?

Apple did not add new stickers in the newer edition of iOS versions and allowed third-party developers to innovate this particular area. The developers did bring plenty of unique ideas, and different ways to express your feelings. Allow me to show you how you can get stickers pack from the app store.

  • Open App Store from the menu, and then type “Stickers” in the search bar, and then tap on entering. Swipe down to find your favorite sticker pack, and I will leave the selection process to you.
  • I selected Apple “Daily List” for a quality pack, and I selected one from the list.
  • Tap on the Get and it will be added to the keyboard automatically.

Finding an ideal pack will consume plenty of time because there are so many alternatives available, and choosing one among them makes things difficult. However, I implore the readers to focus on installing multiple packages because there are plenty of options available to express your emotions.

How to use installed stickers in iMessage?

Double-check, whether the package was installed or not because it does not appear in the menu and there is no way to control or manage the image content library. Make sure to have an active internet connection because the texting service requires an active internet connection.

  • Open an existing thread or compose a new message. In my case, I will be choosing an existing thread and it won’t matter if you are sending a new message to any recipient.
  • Tap on the texting box and the keyboard appears on the screen. Between the chat and keyboard, you have a section that has many icons, and now look for a sticker’s icon, and I have two packs ready for the process.
  • Tap on the sticker icon to expand the window, and you can view available stickers from the library.
  • You can maximize the window size by swiping up and tap on the stickers to send.
  • The selected sticker appears on the preview screen and taps on the up arrow to send it to the recipient.
  • The iMessage server will send the visual messages instantly to the recipient.
  • I have sent multiple stickers for the sake of the tutorial, and it worked flawlessly, and the recipient was able to view it properly.

In the App Store, you have plenty of options to choose from, and I suggest the readers to spend a few minutes to try new ones to find an ideal package. To prove my point, I have added one more package that came with the Reddit mobile application.

You can send multiple stickers without limitations and do not spam recipient inbox, or you might end up landing in the Blocked list. However, I implore the readers to continue reading the tutorial because I have shown more things that you can use to surprise your friends.

iMessage designed to display multiple images and GIFs, and none of the image quality will decline during the process. Most of the packs were designed & developed after going through the Apple policies for the texting platform.

How to Copy and Send Stickers

Your friends might have a third-party sticker pack that could fascinate you, and you might want to use it to express your emotions. Apple App Store has tons of Stickers, GIFs, Emoji and other packages, but you cannot download them all and keep them available for the next conversation. In this tutorial, I will show you how you can Copy & Paste stickers that your friend has sent you.

  • Open an existing thread from the inbox.
  • Now, Tap & Hold the sticker and more option appears on the screen. Among all options, you have to tap on “Copy” to continue.
  • Tap on chat box for the keyboard to appear, and Tap and Hold the chatbox until “Paste” shows up on the screen.
  • Tap on the “Paste” button, and then it will show on the “Preview” screen and tap on the arrow up button to send it.
  • As I have shown in the snapshot that Copying & Pasting the same image element is possible in iMessage.

Fortunately, the theory applies to GIFs and all media elements in the iMessage. The advanced function is available in the application and that’s how Apple software team developed it. I want to point out that the image quality does not get mushy during the process, and the original quality remains the same.

How to uninstall/remove Sticker Pack in iMessage

The traditional method uninstalling does not come into effect because the Sticker pack does not appear on the menu, and you have to take a roundabout method to remove it from the keyboard. Remember, the sticker pack contains a high-quality image and consumes plenty of internal storage.

  • Compose a new thread or open an existing one.
  • Tap on the texting box for the keyboard to appear, and swipe left.
  • The three-dotted menu option shows up in the section and tap on it to continue.
  • Find the sticker pack that you want to remove or uninstall from the keyboard permanently and swipe left for the delete option.
  • Now, tap on the “Delete” button to complete the deletion of the package.

Apple mobile operating system will remove the entire library from the keyboard permanently, and you can always re-download it from the App Store. Unfortunately, there is no alternative method to remove the library and this is the only official solution available.

Bottom Line

The Messages stickers do bring plenty of fun and add bright colors to the conversation. App Store contains tons of alternative options and every category is covered in the library, and it makes it easier for the device owners to express their feelings in words.

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