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How to Access or Find Steam Screenshot Folder

Finding the Steam screenshot folder is not an easy task for newbie’s because it lies underneath the complicated interface. Of course, you can view the snapshots on the official website and if you have the link to the registered profile. Steam allows 2GB of snapshots on the platform, and you cannot upload anymore in it due to limitations set by the Valve. I’m an avid gamer that owns several games in the library on the Steam platform, so I’m aware of the environment.

How Do I Access Steam Screenshot Folder in Windows 10

PC administrators can take snapshots instantly, but the program doesn’t upload it to the cloud storage. The program saves the screenshot in the local storage when you planned to save them for later purpose, or you didn’t save it at all. The folder and its content will be deleted automatically when you uninstall the Steam from the computer. It’s time to locate the folder in local storage and save the snapshots in the highest quality possible.

  • You need administrator privileges to access Windows C: partition. Go to C: partition and then click on “Program Files (x86)” to open installed program folders.
  • Scroll down to click on the “Steam” folder.
  • Find “user data” and click on it to continue.
  • Click on the Steam account unique ID number, which nothing but a random number is assigned to the account.
  • In my case, the folder number is 750, but it could be something else for your installation.
  • Click on “Remote” to continue.
  • Click on the “app – ID” folder. Remember, if this folder is not available or is not there, then Steam did not save any screenshots yet.
  • Click on the “Screenshots” folder to open it.

The “app – ID” folder created by the Steam program, only when the administrators have taken pictures while playing the game. Otherwise, Steam avoids creating junk files & folders unnecessarily. Don’t bother creating new folders because Steam is very cautious, and it can lead to an account ban. The game library service is also responsible for providing maximum security to keep the cheaters away from the game.

How to Find Screenshot Folder using Steam

The second methods consist of finding the folder using Steam, and I will also tell you how to create one immediately. Make sure to keep one game open in the background because you are going to need it in coming to complete the process as I have mentioned before that you have to update Steam.

  • Fire up Steam and Click on “View” located at the top menu, and click on “Screenshot” in drop-menu.
  • I installed a new copy of Windows, so I had reinstall Steam as well, so there is nothing in the local storage. If you are doing this for the first time and this is where you have landed, then follow my instructions.
  • Launch the game and press function 12 or F12 to take a new screenshot. The Steam program will take the snapshot immediately and present it in front of you, and then click on “Show on Disk” to open the main folder in C: partition.
  • A window will open automatically and find all saved screenshots in the folders.

In my copy, I found “Thumbnails” that contain the same copy of the image. Both pictures are of the same format and quality, and the location did change. I wanted to inform you that Steam frequently changes the format, so this is an ideal option for gamers.

Bottom Line

Steam is a powerful client, and they introduced the Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) system that does not take modification for granted. Do not mess around with the Steam created folders because they might consider it as suspicious activity and probably ban the account. Do not delete the screenshots or move them and you can copy them to another local storage or partition.

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