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Facebook Messenger Not Working? 3 Ways to Fix it

Facebook Messenger not working is a common problem that millions of Android & iOS devices go through. Solving the problem shouldn’t be a difficult task because Messenger is an optimized application by Facebook. I inform the readers that there are no suitable solutions available from the company. I have prepared a few solutions that will work, and it should be enough to resolve the issue.

How do I fix Facebook Messenger not working issue

An android operating system provides a stock framework, and manufacturers added custom user-interface to support product-oriented functions. Unfortunately, the majority of the official custom user-interface or skins invites new glitches and bugs, and this is where iPhone wins. We cannot resolve the software-based problems because it is an inbuilt problem in my opinion. By force stopping the application and relaunching the app can resolve the issue temporarily.

Update Messenger Lite or Messenger

Facebook assigned a dedicated team working behind the scene to provide utmost services. The software Engineers continually working behind the shadows to give newer features and stability. One application has to offer performance and stability throughout Android phones. I focus on updating essential apps every week, and Messenger is one of them. Facebook always pushes newer software updates for social media products, and they do not mention it specifically.

I recommend uninstalling the application first, and then download a new version from the Google Play & App Store. I implore the readers to delete remnants of the older installation files. Thousands of new devices with different hardware parts and Android finds a way to support them, but it can lead to incompatibility or BUGS. By uninstalling & reinstalling the app, you can permanently fix the problem.

May be an Internet Connection issue

We often mistake internet connection problem with FB services. Kindly, check the internet connection because FB demands constant communication to the servers to provide seamless texting services. Check your phone’s 3G, and 4G connection, and make sure to recheck the Wi-Fi network.

Remember, Facebook & Messenger does not work when the internet connection is experiencing low signal strength. The instant texting platform recommends seamless communication to the official servers.

Reset Your all Network Settings

iPhone & iPad offers multiple resetting options, and I love it because it saves plenty of time and energy. I’m not sure whether resetting network settings wipe out entire Telecommunication configuration, but it resolves the collision. If you added multiple SIM cards in one phone for a specific period, then it might get mixed up with older Telecommunication company configuration. By resetting the network configuration, it will clear the old data.

Final Verdict

I wouldn’t be surprised if any smartphone consumer met a rare problem. I recommend contacting Facebook via email at [email protected], and they typically reply within one week of the period.

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